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How not to freeze in car salon in severe frosts

the First 10 - 15 minutes   in salon of a favourite car in the winter morning comfortable you will not name. Whatever powerful was the oven, at once will not be warmed, after all the engine most at first needs to get warm, and only then it will give heat to salon. Therefore these frosty days from counters of automobile supermarkets vladivostoktsy will sweep away the goods literally, helping to be warmed in the freezed cars.

the Warm seat

Covers with heating

Sitting in cold salon, to operate the car, you see, it is inconvenient. And it is fraught with cruel cold. Heating of seats will allow to be warmed quickly and will not allow to you to be ill, sitting down in the chilled car. There are two variants of covers. One - with a type back a vest . The seat dressed in such cover heats up to 50 degrees for schitanye minutes, thus the hot-water bottle is equipped by a regulator of capacity of heating, that is the degree can and be reduced.

Echoing model - a seat heater Heat . It is a cover with infra-red heating. To tell the truth, we have not caught an appreciable difference in consumer qualities of these hot-water bottles. Both models work from prikurivatelja.

the question Price: a cover - a vest - 599 roubles , the Heat - 1378 roubles.

the Braid for a wheel with heating

the Braid for a wheel with heating

Even when in car salon has already become warmer, the ice wheel still for a long time burns hands. And to operate car in thick gloves many drivers consider inconvenient. Fur braids too not panacea - hands strain in runtime of maneuvers more. For gentle handles manufacturers have thought up a braid with electroheating., which too works from prikurivatelja. The composit element can be warmed up to 55 degrees. For achievement of optimum temperature there are enough only 60 seconds. The cord then can be disconnected from a braid that it was not stirred in salon.

the question Price - 700 roubles.


the Automobile teapot

the Automobile teapot

the Thermos in the car is not so actual, as on sale there were the special teapots working from same prikurivatelja: 1,3 litres of water boil for 10 minutes. The support with fastening allows to use it even during movement. The relay system automatically switches off a teapot when water has begun to boil, and does not allow to include an empty teapot. It is possible not only make a fragrant drink, but also to dissolve fast soup or noodles that is especially valuable on distant trips in the winter.

the question Price - 824 roubles.  

the Mobile coffee maker

the Floor - litre coffee - the car will prepare invigorating drink for three - four minutes. The complete set includes two more plastic cups. Such household appliance is useful not only on trips on edge. The portion of a hot drink will help to pass away painful standing in chronic autostoppers of capital of Primorski Krai. The main thing - to have in salon a stock of ground grains as correspondents in the Vladivostok shops have not found out automobile coffee grinders.

the question Price - 999 roubles.

the Autotoaster

the Autotoaster

Many automobile owners consider the car as the second house, only on wheels. And in it now it is simple to equip mini - kitchen. On sale there were the tiny ovens working from prikurivatelja. Two big sandwiches or pies easily are located On tiny shelves. Some minutes - and a hot toast with the fused cheese are ready.

the question Price - 1000 roubles.

the Ceramic hot-water bottle

Rescue of the passenger

In frosts about 20 degrees below zero most hard is necessary passengers on a back seat. After all poorly what cars are equipped by two automobile ovens. And when to the driver it is already comfortable, its horsemen continue to shiver from a cold. Will rescue a ceramic autoheater. A cord - in prikurivatel, and the device - under a back seat. Operates as the hot hair dryer. Feet are warmed instantly, and to salon for sugrevu five minutes will suffice also.

the question Price - 950 roubles.


All this household a miracle - the technics, alas, is not capable to brighten up automobile life if the iron horse flatly refuses to be got in a January icy cold. Therefore wires - crocodiles for prikurivanija from the compassionate neighbour in a parking - more than an actual accessory in this abnormally cold winter.

the question Price: four-metre wires on 500 amperes - 639 roubles , on 600 amperes - 869 roubles.


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