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More often alcohol poisons inhabitants of Ustinovsky area of Izhevsk

All of us struggle with drunkenness. Not clearly, against whom. People are poisoned with cheap substitutes, and we on vodka also lift the prices.

As the Office of Public Prosecutor of Udmurtiya informs, only last year in Ustinovsky area 28 persons because were lost that have drunk not that . And the number poisoned and survived thus in times is more. The main bedroom community has appeared the most drinking, probably. A baton here - here will pick up also Industrial. There last year from an alcoholic poisoning was lost 26 izhevchan. On honourable the third - Lenin. Close elite the list October and May Day areas.

- it is possible to Poison, everything, - Alexey Mokrushin explains managing branch of sharp poisonings of Autofactory hospital. - Even water. Very many depends on dosages, interaction with other substances. Happens, by mistake instead of mineral water drink acetone. Or a brake liquid accept for wine.

By the way, one of such cases when the family has poisoned with a brake liquid, thinking thus that drink wine, has happened in Izhevsk in a year before last. The death was almost instant. According to doctors, to their branch constantly there arrive visitors of bars and cafe, which have got drunk to such degree what to result them in consciousness it is possible only in hospital.

Also it is all in our city. And such events does not become less. We will tell more - they will increase. Against it warned all before acceptance dry the law the minister of trade and household services of Udmurtiya Peter Ponomarev . The turn of underground alcohol grows every day, and legal drinks last year it has been sold on 15 % less, than in 2008.


Doctors against interdictions for alcohol!

- Doctors against any interdictions, - Alexey Mokrushin explains . - In all substitutes and substances which are used by townspeople, that to be glad lives, are synthetic substances. They ruin an organism. And spirit - is harmless in small quantities. It is purer. So is better the prices for vodka would lower, than to raise. People would not follow a poison .


the Dialect it refuse - and it turns out to the contrary!

- the Principal cause of abusing alcohol is an absence of self-realisation in life. - Anton Nikitin, the psychologist tells . - the Person needs to leave from complexes and from the problems. Probably for many it is the best variant. And here forbid, do not forbid! Even more it would be desirable. In turn the state contradicts itself. As the basic part of our population both used beer, and continues it to use. Can in bolshem quantity. In my opinion it is not necessary to shout that will suffice to drink. And the more so to forbid it to do. In many cases it gives a boomerang effect. The most correct   - active, full-scale propagation of moderate consumption. The moderated. In my opinion, it would bring bolshy effect. Especially, the person thirsting to drink will find the way. Here again the important role is played by a family and friends who considerably influence us.