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Tatfondbank : new services - new possibilities

Credits for the enterprises of small and average business

Crediting in shape overdraft will allow to carry out calculations at insufficiency or absence of money resources on the settlement account. The sum of the credit to 30 % from size of turns under the settlement account, the interest rate from 16 % annual. Term of each tranche till 30 days. The given credit is given without maintenance.

the Credit under the program Circulating assets it is given in the form of single delivery, a limit of delivery, debts limit. At the expense of credit resources probably to make replenishment of circulating assets. The sum to credits depends on the size of a monthly average gain of the borrower.

the percent Rate will be defined depending on turns under the settlement account in Open Society AIKB Tatfondbank for last 6 months - from 17 to 20 % annual.

the establishment of the individual schedule of repayment of debts, taking into account seasonal prevalence of business is possible. At crediting in shape debts limit terms of repayment of each tranche of 90 days are established. In maintenance under the credit the goods in a turn to 30 % from total amount of mortgaging maintenance can be accepted.

the Credit under the program business Development will allow to make expansion financially - technical base of your enterprise, to get vehicles, the equipment, a special equipment, commercial real estate. The credit sum: from 100 thousand roubles to 50000 thousand roubles.

the Credit is given within 5 years, in the form of single delivery, or the form of a limit of delivery. The bank pays on account of credit resources no more than 80 % of cost of got property. The interest rate depends on crediting term: Till one year - the rate of 18 % annual, till two years - 18,5 % annual, till three years - 19 % annual, till four years - 19,5 % annual, till 5 years - 20 % annual.
in maintenance under the credit the liquid property is accepted: real estate, vehicles, the equipment and another.