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Stories omichej:

Galina: Whom interests to visit the USA, operate, t. To having seen it there will be a heap of pleasant memoirs on all life!

It first of all good and rich life experience, is not important to go there to have a rest or work!

I certainly during the abiding have not had time to travel all states, there were there 2 times, but has seen a lot of all interesting!

In this case I went there on earnings, there was certainly everyone, at first some nedoponimanie, but became easier in due course. On days off tried to get out in other places. Has visited: Boston, Nju - jork, Niagara Falls, Washington, Philadelphia and some of nearby cities.

the vein also worked in state of Maine. In general it is a lot of impressions and different. Any disappointments has not tested t. To did not expect something such in what it could be discouraged. People there basically sympathetic, a leah but me till now it is interesting actually they such or it for a long time the stereotypes which have developed them. Certainly there is much that else to tell, t. To this trip has affected my life and outlook of other country!

from Minnesota

Julja blogs Julja on the Internet “ America eyes of the Russian person “
the Photo: a site “ Ours abroad “

As you have got to America, under program Work & Travel, correctly?

it is correct, I came to America under this program three times: after 2, 4 and 5 courses of university. First two times was in Virginia, and has then arrived to one of northern states - Minnesota where I live now.

What is this the program, educate readers?

Currently Work & Travel USA - very popular program in Russia a student`s exchange which consists that possibility to live, work and travel to the USA is given 3-4 months to students of HIGH SCHOOLS. The basic requirement for participation in the program - the student of internal branch of university not to be younger than 18 years.

In due course restrictions becomes ever less. For example, earlier students could participate in the program only 2-4 courses, and now the program became accessible both to first-year students, and graduates that in my case it has appeared very opportunely.

Usually all expenses make $3000-4000 though agencies offer various variants: it is possible to try to find habitation and work most (free of charge), and it is possible to charge it to firm. For your money - any whim, up to telephone cards for trunk calls.

I Will tell fairly, to pay back the program, to travel and after all to remain in plus (in respect of money) very difficult. Before the first trip I have estimated, how much hours per week will work, how much to receive, and the picture was drew very much even anything. But not here - that was!

taxes, rather heavy expenses to a food, reduction of working hours by the end of summer, a trip, a party, purchase of souvenirs - and as a result I hardly could return to parents that they have spent for the program. To itself remains nothing, but I then thought of it least.

Even if you absolutely will earn nothing, the trip of that costs! It has given to me very many: smart experience of dialogue and the independent life, new friends, practice of English language, rest on ocean, and the happy moments are simple many!

I can tell that have returned from States a bit other person, more self-assured, more open, likely, matured, but positive and smiling!

site materials " Are used; Ours abroad “

Galina, Omsk:

I Understand that questions much. I will write   the information, but gradually also there will be no yet certain questions. In - the first, anybody does not give guarantees that all will go “ like clockwork “ and in this plan of the claim it is not enough to what will result, t. To even the firm (if you use services that) cannot know as the employer can arrive, THEREFORE it is not necessary to go absolutely knowing nothing and without expecting.

In - the first it is not necessary to be afraid,   at a getting a visa not to shiver with fear. A getting a visa practically 100 % especially if on 3 - m or 4 - m a course, t. To it is at the bottom for consuls that you there do not remain. It is not necessary to go absolutely with an empty purse because everyone can occur and money during this moment from the sky will not fall, therefore with itself it is necessary to take the additional finance.

If so suddenly happens that will deceive, work is not present, nobody has met and t. Leah d it is not necessary to hesitate to ask who hands over habitation (there such students much) besides to Americans money too not superfluous,   or to find inexpensive hotel, yet will not find habitation. I can prompt   Hostel in New York, cheaply, more less tsivilno, it is a lot of students from the different countries also is in city centre))))

Once again the main thing NOT to be afraid and be communicative!!! Works are not present, search!! There it is a lot of shops, restaurants.... Do not wait that to you at once will call and will invite to work, leave questionnaires and wait. It is not necessary to smile too much)).

And more program to itself in a head one, the purpose of your visit: at all do not speak that go on earnings, it is the big percent of that that will not give the visa. You go to look at the country, to meet new people and so forth!

Hello. My name is Galina.

I Want to impart experience and the impressions received in participation of the program “Work & Travel USA“.“ This program with which help the student acquires the right to work on territory of the USA in a current 4 - h months. Work concerns sphere of services (parlourmaids, sellers of ice-cream, workers of parks of entertainments,   in pools, waiters and other).

So, about registration on the program:

Interview and written testing.
contract signing (payment of 2000 roubles)
Job search (if employees of firm - payment 175 USD)
Cαξπ documents (select the international passport, questionnaires, photos, the inquiry from HIGH SCHOOL)
Payment of the program and check in in Sevis (it is necessary for registration of the right to legal work in the USA) (620+35 USD)
Filling of questionnaires for embassy.
payment of consular gathering (100 USD)
Interview in Consulate of the USA in Ekaterinburg.
payment of air tickets (600 USD)
Departure in the USA.
Total for all can be spent about 2000 US dollars.

Should tell that the program price is specified in the period 2005 - 2006 Therefore probably now expenses can be more. And more, to a trip for all leaving the meeting on which all questions and important points which to you will be necessary for knowing will be discussed is organised. As a rule, the program has a sponsor, the American company which will help you to find a way out of difficult situations which can arise with you during abiding in the USA.
now concerning the American employers: the invitation to work (Job Offer) from the American employer is required to the participant of the program. There are two variants to receive it: you search for the employer independently (by means of friends, through the Internet) or you with it are helped by the employee of firm.
the embassy of the USA appoints date of interview for each participant. Following the results of interview the worker of consular department makes the decision on delivery   or refusal in visa J - 1.

the Program “Work & Travel USA” allows to get practical skills of dialogue in English and to receive experience which it is possible to mention with pride in the resume. It is chance to realise the ambitions, to spend some months independent from parents   lives in other country. Moreover! Program cost easily pays off!

Galina: as I lived in America

After a trip tax refund is carried out!

During my abiding there (was in the USA two times), I have received, first of all, possibility to look at beautiful and interesting places. I have visited such places as: New York, Niagara Falls, Boston, Philadelphia and etc. the Most part of time the vein also worked in state of Maine. As has received enormous experience of dialogue in English, there were friends with whom till now I keep in contact. Has met many interesting people from different states, has learnt much that interesting and for what purpose such quantity of foreigners go to the USA and could notice, what not all went there only with the mercenary purposes. At first there were complexities in dialogue and some nedoponimanie, but it was not surprising in connection with different mentalities and outlooks on life. As I have received experience of independent life, without parents, without friends, but it does not mean that it is necessary to be afraid to communicate and get acquainted with new people, to get new friends! Concerning purchases I can tell that temptations much, it would be desirable also itself to get something and about relatives and friends not to forget, BUT about anybody has not forgotten and in cash remained.

If for you are available   the international driving licence, at you is possibility to hire the car. Many students got bicycles.

in general, the impressions received by me about abiding there remain in my heart and in a shower for long, many long years! And more there were many places not seen by me, t. To this country it is possible to visit again and again. In the conclusion I want to tell that if you have such possibility, dare!

Look a photo gallery “ Galina: as I worked in America “