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Tours in Volgograd


Evora presents to Sezarija the new program in Volgograd

the Barefoot star will execute the best samples morna

Today Sezarija Evora - recognised in all corners of globe a phenomenon world music . On its native land hardly there will be a person more well-known. Plates queens morna are on sale in million circulations, in the best concert halls of the world pass it anshlagovye performances. Evora five times is nominated on Grammy . Creativity of the singer have estimated not only ordinary spectators, but also professionals of show - business. On a scene Evora immutably leaves barefoot is a symbolical tribute of poverty in which there lived its fellow countrymen on Cape Verde Islands. Compositions of the singer are devoted often history of its native land - to slavery, cultural isolation, mass emigration. In Volgograd Sezarija Evora presents the program nha sentimento .

the Regional philharmonic society. on March, 24th , the beginning in 19. 00 . Booking by phones ( 8442) 50 - 16 - 14, 23 - 90 - 75 . Cost of tickets - 1000 - 3000.


Ranetki will please the Volgograd teenagers with the incendiary program

Girls guarantee to admirers positive emotions

on February, 28th popular youth group Ranetki again will act in Volgograd. The previous concerts of collective with the notice have passed in our city. Ranetki is the Moscow priest - fate - a quintet, to which participants of all for 17-19 years. Girls with guitars act in capital clubs and one after another submit scale festivals. Lyricism of songs of young girls in a combination to an attractable direction of bottoms - fate creates a certain aura of ambiguity. Interest to Ranetkam grows not only at us, but also abroad. The intrigue to creativity of the maiden collective is added by a serial Ranetki . This time girls will present the new incendiary program which lasts about two hours. Little girls act only alive and guarantee the most positive moods and emotions.

the Regional philharmonic society. On February, 28th , the beginning in 17. 00 . Booking by phones ( 8442) 50 - 16 - 14, 23 - 90 - 75 . Cost of tickets - 800 - 2000.


  Cossack kuren will note the 75 - letie

In honour of an anniversary the ensemble will give two concerts in Volgograd

Ensemble of the Russian Cossacks - the oldest collective of the Volgograd region. It has been formed in 1935, and was called at first Cossack kuren . For years of work the collective was the winner of the All-Russia and international festivals. The ensemble repeatedly left on tour on cities of Russia, Germany, Italy, France, England, the USA. Now in dancing, choral and orchestral group of collective total about 50 high-ranking actors. The ensemble invites inhabitants of Volgograd to the anniversary concerts. You are waited by a touch to folklore, song and dancing traditions of Cossacks and a traditional Cossack entertainment.

TSKZ. On February, 19th and 20 , the beginning in 19. 00 . Booking by phones (8442) 27 - 73 - 24, 50 - 03 - 50 . Cost of tickets   300 - 1000 roubles .


For Michael Galustjana of 10 years - not term

With the anniversary program KVN command Tired with the sun will arrive to Volgograd

the Command of KVN of the Sochi State University of Tourism and Resort Business was born in 1998. Today Tired with the sun Is three times the finalist of the Higher league of KVN, the champion of a season 2003, three times the owner of the Summer cup of KVN. It is not necessary to be fan KVNa, that at the mention of " command; Tired with the sun to recall an image the bearded boy from pioneer chorus - Michael Galustjana. Also in a line-up to our city there will arrive Sergey Lunin, Elena Rybalko, Paul Steshenko, Vyacheslav Zhuravlyov, Gennady Zhirnov. You will see gold numbers about Gadju Petrovich Hrenovu new 3 - h a measured karaoke, the present pirates, Stallone`s duel and Terminatora, black strekozla love, and as much - many other things.

the Regional philharmonic society. On March, 6th , the beginning in 17. 00 . Booking by phones (8442 50 - 16 - 14, 23 - 90 - 75. Cost of tickets   800 - 2500 roubles.