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Reviews of films


Horrors, the USA, 2010

the Director: Scott Charles Stewart

In roles: Pol Bettani , Lukas Blek , Tajriz Gibson

God definitively was undeceived in   mankind and   has sent death angels to erase the creation with   persons of the earth. On   protection of people there was only an archangel Michael, having united under   the command a handful of derelicts, which in   the snackbar in the middle of wilderness long-sufferingly is expected by a birth of the Messiah.



the Thriller, the USA , Great Britain , 2010

the Director: Martin Campbell

In roles: Mel Gibson , Rej Winston , Denni Houston

Thomas Krejven   -   a police detective, whose   the daughter has been killed once. Hardly having begun investigation, the hero finds out that   its death   was not casual, and   traces lead   to the corrupted systems of the power.



the Comedy, the USA, Canada, 2010

the Director: Michael Lembek

In roles: Duejn Johnson , Eshli Judd , Stefen Merchant

Cruel and   furious hockey player Dereka Thompson often call the Tooth fairy   -   guess why. For   beaten out on   to ice arena teeth to the rivals it   money not   gives, and   it is necessary, after all the real tooth fairies   for a long time sharpen on   it tooth.



the Fantasy, Canada , France , Great Britain , 2009

the Director: Terri Gilliam

In roles: Hit Ledzher , Johnny Depp , Dzhud Law

the Doctor Parnassus   -   the person, capable to operate visions of other people. Travelling on   to the world together with   the troupe, it   gives the chance to spectators of show   through a magic mirror to leave for   reality limits, this   Parnassus has received ability from   the Devil. A bit later the head of ancient ambulatory circus gets acquainted with   the unusual stranger on   Tony`s name which soon joins to   to troupe. Travelling through the parallel worlds, Tony in all ways tries to pull out the daughter of the doctor from   paws of the Devil which last has taken away with   itself in   result of the transaction between it   and the doctor Parnassus



the Comedy, the USA, 2010

the Director: Bryan Levant

In roles: Jackie Chan , Ember Valetteis , Madeleine Carroll

the Agent the Bean   Ho neutralised terrorists, subverted dictators and   destroyed the whole empires of evil, but   now it   the most difficult task for   waits; all career   -   for one evening it   should become the nurse. Here it   again uses vocational training and   unique skills, however soon wait for the Bean the big troubles