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The Barnaul student has broken from the fourth floor, getting into a hostel

This case has occurred in the night from 23 for January, 24th. The company from four young men living in one room of a hostel ¹ of 1 Altay state agrarian university, marked... Days off. In a word - that student who does not love a feast every day is bad. Soon at idlers strong drinks have ended, and to finish a banquet oh as it would not be desirable! However hours showed long after midnight. And it means that the input and an exit in a hostel is already closed (doors close in 23. 00).

But knowingly say that drunk the sea knee-deep. The cleared up company has dared at a desperate step: have connected among themselves bed-sheets and have lowered one of companions downwards. The situation sharpness was added by that fact that the room window was... On the fourth floor.

Safely having gone behind alcohol, Alexey namely so called our hero, has gone home. This time it should rise on bed-sheets upward... However now good luck has left the guy. Probably, without having calculated a body weight or durability of bed-sheets, it has broken and has fallen practically to the prospectus Krasnoarmejsky. The poor fellow has got off with foot crisis.

Alexey by nonsense has decided to storm a window of the fourth floor of an ill-starred hostel...
a photo: Alexander ZAHAROV

Having seen it, its companions have rushed on a gain. But the vigilant watchwoman has flatly refused to let out them on street - a pier, it is not necessary, means, it is not necessary.

- She has been assured that students simply search for a pretext to run in shop behind beer. It was necessary to call “ Fast “ from a mobile phone, - neighbours tell a grief - merry fellows.

As a result while students argued with vahtershoj, and “ Cźīšą’ “ went on a call, has passed half an hour. All this time Alexey lay in a frost on snow. Only after occurrence of the car with a flasher the watchman has opened hostel doors.

Now the victim is in branch sochetannoj traumas of city hospital
¹ 1. However to remember an event the student does not burn with special desire.

- I Feel normally, it is already warned about interest to the person, but to argue on the happened I do not want, - has declared “ Komsmoolke “ Alexey.

the Commandant of a hostel to comment on a situation flatly has refused. However, as well as representatives of the high school. And four friends should search now for a new residence - for drinking of spirits and infringement of an order them have moved.