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Anniversary year for Saratovneftegaza

should please that in a difficult economic situation the leader regional toplivno - a power complex confidently looks ahead and successfully carries out both industrial, and social programs.

summing up year

the Plan on oil recovery in 2009 it is exceeded for 3,4 percent, the volume of investments has made 245 million roubles, and in ecological programs and industrial security Saratovneftegaz and its branches have enclosed over 85 million roubles. A number of prospecting programs, among them drilling of a prospecting chink 5 on the Luzjaninsky deposit opened in last year is realised.

Saratovneftegaz - the active participant of the regional governmental program Development and use of a hydrocarbonic raw-material base for gas supply of consumers of the Saratov region . According to the state strategy on increase of recycling of gas the Saratov oil industry workers put means in reconstruction of the technological objects delivering gas to settlements of our area.

In 2009 reconstruction of Uritsky and October installations of preliminary dump of water, and also installation of preparation of oil " is finished; Grjaznushinsky . Now there is a reconstruction Stepnovsky gazokompressornoj stations for double increase in its productivity (from 250 thousand to 500 thousand in cubic m a day). This station carries out important social function - supplies with gas from deposits Saratovneftegaza the Stepnovsky underground storehouse of gas largest in Europe, Engelssky thermal power station, and also more than 30 settlements of the Soviet, Rovno and Engelssky areas of the Saratov region.

Except growth of standard items of gas to the consumers, spent reconstruction will essentially raise level of industrial security of objects, and also will contribute in increase in percent of recycling of passing gas, thereby at the expense of decrease in volumes of its burning ecological conditions in extraction areas " will improve; Saratovneftegaza .

Persistent and honest work of collective of the enterprise has received a worthy estimation from the company RussNeft : following the results of 2009 20 workers Saratovneftegaza have received awards and encouragements from oil holding.

Regional philanthropy

it is natural that successful industrial activity ministers reliable basis for activity social, after all oil industry workers already for many years are the largest benefactors of our area. In leaving year RussNeft and Saratovneftegaz Have directed on realisation of social programs of 14 million rbl.

Saratovneftegaz accepted in the recreation camp of children from needy families and children`s homes this summer. During several changes by visitors of camp of a steel 564 children from Saratov and 17 areas of area.

Also in camp the Coeval have passed military - field gathering of cadet schools in which 80 cadets from Saratov, Marx, Steppe and Engels have taken part. They were expected by employment on front, tactical and medical preparation, radiatsionno - chemical protection, acquaintance to the weapon, military technology, etc.

In July in settlement Steppe the Soviet area forces Saratovneftegaza two children`s playgrounds have been established, additional attractions are mounted on several operating game complexes. Besides, oil industry workers help sports - on 500 thousand rbl. Working out end design - budget documentation FOKa with pool in Steppe is financed, the financial help to a children`s soccer team " is rendered; Storm Fedorovsky area and to club karate - to the Olympus - 99 .

and in December in Saratovneftegaz behind the help physicians 5 - j children`s infectious clinical hospital of Saratov were converted. In connection with growth of number of heavy patients the available quantity of inhalers has ceased to provide requirements of hospital, and oil industry workers have operatively allocated 150 thousand rbl. for acquisition of 12 ultrasonic inhalers.

By an anniversary of Great Victory

In 2010 Russia will mark 65 - letie Victories. For Saratovneftegaza it not only great date from history of our country. In Saratov in days of war there was Openly Elshansky nonassociated gas field, the beginning thereby is necessary to creation of the gas industry of the USSR. And in the hardest for the country the period, in the heat of Stalingradsky fight, heroic efforts saratovtsev was less than for 2 months the gas pipeline of Elshanka - SarGRES thanks to whom the problem with power supply of defensive factories of front Saratov has dared is constructed.

Saratovneftegaz for support of the former workers annually makes monetary payments, will organise celebrations of veterans of war and back. For example, in October, 2009 the enterprise has allocated 1,2 million rbl. for material aid to idle pensioners by Day of the elderly person. Also charitable means to area councils of veterans are allocated.

In 2010 in Saratovneftegaze carrying out of some the actions devoted 65 - letiju Great Victory is planned.