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Ice expedition: to a solution of secret of earthquakes

Nesmotrja   on global warming, Baikal for the first time has for many long years risen at the very beginning of January, instead of in its middle, as usual. And already on January, 14th on ice the first expedition of our scientists of 2010 has gone.

Geophysics vmorozili in ice of Baikal developed and made by them the gauge for continuous measurement of growth of a thickness of ice. It is in the middle of southern Baikal and each 15 minutes registers a thickness of ice from accuracy to millimetre shares. Spring of physics it is taken out it from ice and learn, how utolshchalsja ice for its all period namerzanija.

For what it is necessary? Those who happened on Baikal, know that in the winter ice does not remain motionless. People who spend the night on Baikal, hear powerful sounds and guly from which the beginner would like to get out of tent and to run, up hill and down dale.   These are motions of ice which occur from - for changes of its temperature and other reasons. Cracks are formed. Some of them are called stanovymi because they are formed every year almost in the same places. Their width can reach several metres. Opposite processes are observed also. Edges of cracks fit against each other and form huge hummocks, in which   it is crystal   transparent ice floes stand vertically or naklonno.

to Academician Nikolay Dobretsovu, during the stay of its chairman of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Science, has come to mind that these phenomena are very similar on what occurs to earth crust in geological time scale and define a motion of blocks of earth crust, their rotation, an inclination and napolzanie against each other, that is education of mounts. A consequence   earth crust motions earthquakes are.

As we know, earth crust, as well as the Baikal ice, reposes on the liquid bases. In case of ice it is water, and in case of earth crust it is the fused magma. Motions ice floes earth crust lead to earthquakes, growth of hummocks can be compared with growth of mounts and tectonics of plates which leads to their gradual inclination and even perevorachivaniju. Exact enough analogy!

Eks - the chairman of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Science academician Nikolay Dobretsov, even being in high and hlopotnoj posts, could not get rid   from the habit to be engaged in fundamental science also has converted on this analogy a close attention. Last 4 years under its management we conduct the joint scientific project on complex studying of the Baikal ice - we measure speed of its growth and thawing, education and a divergence of cracks, we measure length on which they have extended as a result of one certificate of a motion and in very broad range we study sounds which are published by bursting ice. We carry out this project together with scientists of many profiles: Experts in durability of materials from Tomsk, geologists from Novosibirsk, seismologists, geologists and applied mathematicians from   Irkutsk.

In the middle of March on ice the camp will be constructed. In its district microphones for fixing of noise - " will be established; ledotrjaseny other devices. We will hope that in some years we will receive from ice the information necessary to geologists, and eventually, can, and to experts whom to that we say lies will learn   it is better to foretell earthquakes.

It is very good, but me, as directors Limnologichesky   institute, most of all pleases that our science is live and even     it is inclined to adventures. To the senior from our geophysicists, participants of expedition, 27 years. Children have made equipment, such are not present more anywhere in the world. They have ended fizfak our state university and have not gone neither to business, nor in trade. Earn, than live - a science.   It is surprising, as these young men much are able! They well know physics, acoustics, the theory of measurements, own the computer not as users and as programmers, can make any electronic device, perfectly know English, can clear safe road on ice, drive on its the car, a motorcycle and the cross-country vehicle. And the main thing   - are able to receive from all it pleasure. Nothing   has changed since my youth, there are in Russia people which from a science not to tear off not at any price!