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Women, having married, get fat. In what the reason?

employees of Kvinslendsky university (Australia) have found out that married women weigh on one and a half kg more than the single contemporaries. If the lady, except the husband, has also a child, its weight on 3,3 kg more than at not held down by bonds of marriage of the coeval.

These conclusions have been made by results of ten years` supervision over 6 thousand women of 18-23 years which has come to the end in 2006. Everyone ispytuemaja periodically informed researchers of data on weight, growth, age, level of physical activity and frequency of alcohol intake.

Results have shown that for ten years the woman is powerful 63 kg typed four with superfluous kg if it was lonely and childless. But if the participant had a partner, its weight increased by 5,6 kg. If at the lady was not only the spouse, but also the child, it weighed on 7,4 kg more than in the research beginning.

According to experts, life in marriage contributes in a weight set as women, looking at the husbands, start to eat unhealthy products and almost have no time for physical exercises. Thus, married ladies risk to become grown fat so, developments of various diseases are endangered.

the Problem of obesity is aggravated today and among children. So, every tenth child in Great Britain by 2015 will have excess weight, and small British from rather poor families are exposed to the greatest risk. In five years adiposity 10,1 % of boys of 2-10 years will suffer affliction. Among girls of the same age this diagnosis threatens 8,9-9,3 %.

It is prepared on Daily Telegraph materials http:// science. compulenta. ru/