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The woman feels sorry the man exactly five minutes

It has appeared that representatives of the weaker sex sympathise with the man only first five minutes after have learnt about its illness. And the most irritating factors are a cold of the partner and that it speaks very softly. Men have appeared where as more patient - they are ready to look after in the 24 hours favourite already.

As informs E - News, 52 % of the interrogated women admitted that lose patience already after five minutes since that moment as their partner has started to complain of the feeling sick. And 18 % of women have specified that feel thus very angry.

When the indisposition appears at women, to show compassion to them are inclined the majority of men. They also help not only words, but also business. Men are ready to spend the whole days for preparing, cleaning and looking after the passion. However, after 24 hours of active care their patience too comes to an end.

to Offer the affairs and to look after unwell partner all the day 37 % of men and only 19 % of women are ready.

Having found out that at the man the temperature has risen, 29 % of women think: Now he will grumble all the day and 28 %: The more likely it I will take off, the better .

If the girlfriend or the wife, the first thought which comes to mind 48 % of men falls ill: the Poor thing as to it it is bad!