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Boxes from - under fruit have helped to catch the murderer

43 - the summer native of Azerbaijan Michael (the name is changed)   since 2003   lived in Sverdlovsk area. In 2007 it has gone to the city of Noyabrsk of Jamalo - Nenets joint-stock company and on the way has cruelly beaten the local resident, from - for what that has died. The person of the criminal have established at once, but to detain him till the today`s moment and it was not possible. Some years   the villain disappeared, but   as a result has returned on the Sverdlovsk earth, but not in Achit, where before veins, and to Ekaterinburg.

detain the Azerbaijanian the employee of ecological militia Dmitry Majorov could. That day it was on service - checked sanepidemicheskoe a city status. Dmitry`s attention the vegetable booth along the street has involved Bebelja and the empty boxes placed round it from - under fruit and vegetables.   it realizator has decided to store served container, making it directly on sidewalk.   For transgression the police officer has made the administrative report on the seller.

without losing time, the guard has punched the person of the dealer. And it was found out that that is in federal search. That   the man has not run away, Dmitry sblefoval : observing calmness, it has explained to the interlocutor that it is necessary for that to drive to the nearest police station for specification of additional circumstances.

in department of internal affairs to the Azerbaijanian have explained the present reason of detention. Have called also to colleagues from Jamalo - Nenets district - to inform that at last have caught the criminal.

by the way, the major of militia Dmitry Majorov ministers in law-enforcement bodies more than 20 years, in ecological militia 3 years. According to a management, Majorova always distinguished the basic approach to work. To it often charge conducting and the permission of uneasy materials. For example, now it finds out, who suited a dump of dirty snow in territory of a city pond in Ekaterinburg.