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The mortgage in Krasnoyarsk becomes more accessible, and cost of apartments will grow

the real estate Market thaws

Conversations that the situation in the housing market of Krasnoyarsk began to change, have begun still in the end of the last year. In November - December, 2009 for the first time after long crisis calm demand for apartments start up slightly, but has grown. Experts of the market still with watchfulness, but all - taki speak about situation stabilisation .

- Not a secret that during crisis the housing market has given strongly enough: banks have ceased to give money for building, have curtailed mortgage programs. Therefore demand for purchase of apartments has fallen in times, and cost of square metre has decreased on the average on 20 - 25 %, - the expert in real estate Marina Antipin speaks. - now the situation is levelled. I think, to much has simply bothered to live in sensation of crisis and expectation so-called The second wave . People have already started to put up money in habitation, December became especially indicative. In January this tendency is saved. Demand while has grown slightly, but the market has quickened is the fact.

in the market of primary habitation the areas most attractive to buyers on - former there are Vzletka and Northern. The prices for a habitation square here it is separated and depend on a lay-out of apartment, house (panel, brick) and can reach 60 000 roubles for sq. m. the Average price for apartments in new houses makes 40 000 roubles for sq. m. So, to buy one-room apartment in Northern a total area of 43 sq. m. today it is possible for 1 700 000 roubles. Vtorichka costs a bit more cheaply, on the average 36 - 37 000 roubles for sq. m.

Realtors say that at buyers cheap apartments use the greatest interest. This tendency has appeared even during crisis and is saved till now. Demand for inexpensive apartments for last - ones and a half has grown month considerably. Every day such variants becomes ever less, especially if to consider that input of new houses in operation has practically stopped. So in the near future, realtors speak, one-room apartment is cheaper 1 300 000 day with fire will not find.

the prices for apartments slowly, but will grow

Experts admit, while the offer both in the market primary, and in the market of secondary habitation exceeds demand. However in the spring demand can promptly grow, and after it also the prices for habitation upwards will go. A main role here will play defrozen mortgage programs and decrease in interest rates on them.

Today in the majority of banks of Krasnoyarsk to take a mortgage loan it is possible under 13 - 15 % annual. Some credit institutions - basically it is the banks working under the federal program through agency on mortgage housing crediting, give out mortgage loans under 10 - 11 % annual. It is expected that to the middle of year such conditions on a mortgage will offer the majority of banks. Prospects quite real if to consider that fall of rates on a mortgage achieves the Government of the Russian Federation.

the to the population the mortgage will be more accessible, the there will be more demand for habitation acquisition. Realtors say that considerable motions in the market will occur more close in autumn. But the gradual rise in prices will begin in March.

- cost of square metre will raise gradually, - Marina Antipin speaks. - within spring the price will grow on 2 - 5 % a maximum. By the end of the year growth can reach 10 - 15 % are 5 000 roubles. If forecasts justify, the average price of a square in the market of primary habitation will increase to 45 000 roubles, vtorichka Will rise in price to 41 000 roubles.

now the best time for habitation purchase

the Prices for apartments any more will not be below that is now, experts confidently speak. Therefore that who for any time has occupied a waiting attitude, deliberated when to make purchase, it is necessary to hurry with the decision. In - the first, square cost not seems today transcendental if to compare to last period. In - the second, in the market still it is possible to meet the interesting and inexpensive variants which shortage is expected in the nearest future.

there is one more weighty reason on which realtors advise to hurry with apartment purchase.

- in long-term prospect - the nearest 3 - 4 years - in the housing market of Krasnoyarsk can arise serious deficiency, - Marina Antipin speaks. - after all now building practically is not conducted, banks on - former not so simply give out credits for habitation erection. Here also it turns out that the habitation which is now, in some years will be sold, and new - is not built yet. Besides from - for deficiency the price for a square can grow very strongly.

rent of apartments becomes more expensive

Realtors tell that in new year also the prices for demountable apartments upwards will go. It is called by not so much stabilisation of a situation in the housing market, how much the seasonal reason - increase communal flats . Traditionally since new year all utilities have risen in price: for light, water, warmly and gas Krasnoyarsk citizens pay now more. As a rule, the proprietors of apartments who are handing over habitation, put these figures in a rent. From here and a rise in prices for demountable habitation.

- those who removes for a long time habitation, have already got used to such increases, - realtor Alexey Rubtsov speaks. - since new year cost of demountable habitation has increased on the average on 500, and which - where and by 1 000 roubles.

The Habitation in rent can grow in the price and for other reason: demand for demountable apartments now exceeds the offer.

- there Was such situation when the mortgage yet did not become accessible to the majority of people. Therefore they simply do not have choice - the habitation should be removed, - Alexey Rubtsov speaks. - interesting variants at us disperse as hot pies - vlyot. Ask basically one-room apartments. The average price on odnushki in Krasnoyarsk now makes 10 000 roubles, dvushki stand about 13 000 roubles a month.