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The militiaman who has issued check in to the terrorist « the North - Osta » it is sentenced to 7 years

Lefortovsky court of Moscow has sentenced to seven years of imprisonment cξςπσδνθκΰ passport office OVD “ Nizhniy Novgorod “ Igor Aljamkina. The militiaman has issued check in to Louise Bakuevoj who was taking part in capture of the theatrical centre on Dubrovke in the autumn of 2002. The court also has deprived of Igor Aljamkina of the right to occupy a post in public service and in law-enforcement bodies for a period of three years. Aljamkin has been recognised by the official of office powers guilty of use contrary to interests of service, from personal interest (a part 1 - I articles 285-), and also in fulfilment by the official of the actions which obviously leaving for its powers and have entailed heavy consequences (a part 1 - I articles 286-). Besides, Aljamkin is recognised by guilty of reception of a bribe and swindle fulfilment (articles 290 - I and 159 - I the criminal code of Russian Federation). Aljamkin in a standard regime penal colony will serve time, passes RIA “ News “. Lawyers of Aljamkina have declared that intend to appeal against sentence. According to defender Vladimir Kiselyov, the fault of Aljamkina has not been proved by a consequence. The former colleagues of the defendant of the militiaman, present at session, have left a hall in the middle of reading of a sentence with words: “ All have turned inside out! “ Aljamkin partially recognised the fault - he has agreed with the charge shown to it under article 286 of the criminal code of Russian Federation (excess of powers of office). Aljamkin repeatedly for bribes gave out migratory kartysoglasno to the investigation data, Igor Aljamkin in August, 2002 has been directed for discharge of duties of the inspector of passport office OVD “ Nizhniy Novgorod “. The employee of the Department of Internal Affairs Alexey Promyslov has directed to it the acquaintance Gribkova who has asked to issue for its acquaintance Louise Bakuevoj check in in Moscow. The court has established that Aljamkin has individually issued check in though into its duties entered only to check up presence at Bakuevoj of necessary documents and to direct them for the signature to the chief. However anybody from management OVD of such documents did not receive. As has informed court of Crafts, without having received these documents, it has registered in magazine at number left for Bakuevoj, other person. As has specified court, Aljamkin knew that check in of the persons arriving from the Chechen republic, chief OVD is engaged personally. The court also has established that Aljamkin repeatedly for money gave out migratory maps to the persons coming to the Russian capital from other regions. For bribes it has issued check in to five inhabitants of Moldova. On February, 28th, 2003 Aljamkin has been detected in the act by employees of management of Security service after extorted a bribe for registration of check in from certain citizen Volkovoj. The fault of Aljamkina proves to be true testimony, the conclusions pocherkovedcheskoj examinations and records of its telephone negotiations. In one of such conversations he has told to the acquaintance that “ they in department on sale had migratory maps “. He suggested the acquaintance to get empty forms, saying that they anywhere will not be registered. Three business of the militiamen who have issued check in to terrorists, have been allocated from the basic business about capture of hostages for DubrovkeKak it was informed earlier, three criminal cases concerning the workers of passport offices of the Moscow who has illegally issued check in to terrorists, have been allocated from the basic criminal case about capture of hostages for Dubrovke. As accused on the basic criminal case there pass Hashanov, brothers of Mezhievy, Murdalov and Sobraliev. They also are accused of participation in attempt at explosions of motor vehicles at the State Duma of the Russian Federation and at restaurant McDonald`s in the street Big Bronnaja in Moscow in 2001, and also to motor vehicle explosion “ Tavrija “ at restaurant McDonald`s in the street Pokryshkina on October, 19th, 2002. NewsRu. Com