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Alla Pugacheva on a place of children`s station junnatov wants to construct an apartment house

the Well-known singer Alla Pugacheva masters a new kind of business. It is going to construct a housing estate in the centre of Moscow on a site where the station of young naturalists is now located. As indemnification of Pugacheva undertakes to arrange in the future new building creative workshops for children, inform News . According to the edition, in February addressed to the mayor of Moscow the letter behind the signature Pugachevoj has come. The star has applied to Yury Luzhkov to allocate to it a ground in 0,8 hectares in Savelovsky area where the station junnatov is located. According to the singer, children use territory not for the designated purpose and practically do not master. Judging by a stamp and under strict resolutions to consider and report the letter of the singer is taken by the mayoralty on special control. A place for an elite housing estate really attractive. The building in the street Junnatov, 13 is located practically in the centre of Moscow. Nearby two metro stations: the Dynamo and Savelovsky . The station represents an allotment in 0,8 hectares, fenced with a grid. Inside - an one-storeyed green office building. In the winter the territory is covered by a thick cap of snow. And in the summer children put here fruit-trees, flowers, medicinal grasses. There is also a small kitchen garden with carrots, a beet, salad and other small things. today in Moscow it is a unique skilled site for junnatov, - principal N221 Natalia Kolobaeva speaks. - Children learn to work on the live earth, instead of in stuffy offices! Where they still can look how correctly to look after apple-trees or to plant an onion? all seven schools located in Savelovsky area, send on practice to junnatam the pupils. In 60 various mugs more than 1000 teenagers free of charge are engaged. In numbers of naturalists accept since five years. On a broader scale in Savelovsky junnaty have located in 1918. In honour of them even the street has been named. And almost for 100 years of existence this first attempt at the earth junnatov. Now the station of young naturalists in the street Junnatov, 13 reminds a military staff - employees declare that without fight the building will not give. In area initiative groups of tenants are formed, in schools pass PTA meetings. As preventive actions ultimatums are directed to Putin, Luzhkov`s receptions and in education department. in our house there lives financial director Pugachevoj, - Junnatov Galina Majorova speaks senior on an entrance of house N14 along the street. - the Floor - a floor occupies, windows just here leave. Here also has looked, probably, a place for the profitable house. If actors have a possibility to send the children to Crimea or to Canary Islands we are urged to walk here. And now a unique green place in district are going to liquidate! Here to you and one million scarlet roses! Alla Pugacheva: I will not make Bad affairs. Against children - especially the Correspondent News has contacted Alla Pugachevoj to find out its position in this point in question. The singer has declared that no any relation to this scandal has. we said when - that where - that that in a terrible status there is a station junnatov which I remember since the youth, - she tells. - we wanted, that somebody has made, that the station junnatov was in the good house, and children of this house were engaged in this station. And there to dissolve really garden, instead of two trees sohlyh. And not car-care centre any left illegal, which ostensibly at this station junnatov. At two polecats and one floret . As she said, she has suggested to arrange well this site. if someone does not want to do it - it is not necessary. As there were there three trees - poor creatures, let and remains. Only me do not touch, OK?! Because I it am not engaged in anything - she has declared in interview to the newspaper. Basically, if me will ask - if me very much will ask - to make so that this station junnatov it was very good and in this place that is necessary then, maybe, I will make " was valid; - it has continued. Pugacheva has declared that bad any affairs it will not make, and the more so - against children. She has promised to understand, why preliminary conversation at meeting has suddenly got out whence - the one who has given out it for building any already . At the same time Pugacheva has underlined that to it this idea was pleasant . Judging by the statement Pugachevoj, its plans concern buildings of the house with a garden for junnatov. However for this purpose it is necessary to involve investors. to build station of an own pocket I do not gather. And the idea, suppose, to construct the house with a garden for junnatov and station to make in this house is, on - to mine, better, than any car-care centre or a beauty salon. Or library a nursery. In uninhabited premises instead of giving them under offices, it is possible to make there something for children - the singer has told. it is possible that the new building Pugachevoj is necessary for its own museum By data News to be engaged in real estate Alla Pugacheva has made the first attempt in 1996. Under the order of the capital government the cinema building " has been passed it; the Forum on Suharevke. It was meant that in the Forum the Theatre of a song of Alla Pugachevoj will open. However the building constructed still in 1914, needed serious repair. According to some information, it was required to enclose in it about 4 million dollars. At the singer of such means was not. As a result the Forum has been sold at auction for 95,1 million roubles of the building company of Open Company poliprom - To . Two years ago capital officials have suggested the national actress to construct theatre in the centre Moscow - City On Red Presne, but building City it was tightened. Under some data, the prima donna the ground in Mitin, on crossing by Dubravnoj and Mitinsky streets is allocated, - there the object designated on the information poster as " now is promptly erected; the entertaining centre with a cinema . And recently the singer has published idea to open a personal museum where its scenic suits, unique photos, gifts of admirers will be collected. A place under the future storehouse it is not picked up yet. It is quite probable that the museum can just take place in the street Junnatov, the newspaper writes. NEWSru. com