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Capital schoolboys will study from 6 years, and them cannot expel from school after 9 classes

Moscow City Council has passed the law About the general education in the city of Moscow according to which to capital children have allowed to arrive in school since 6 years, that is on half a year before the contemporaries in regions. Besides, to schools have forbidden to expel careless pupils after 9 - go a class. The new law is developed as addition to the base law About a development of education in the city of Moscow operating since 2001. For the first time the bill About the general education has been considered in Moscow City Council in April, 2003, on its Wednesday have accepted in the third reading, and through 2 - 3 weeks it will be signed by Yury Luzhkov, writes the Newspaper . The law guarantees equal possibilities of reception of the general education for all children: both mentally retarded and invalids, and exceptional children. The right to choose the individual plan of training leaves the law for parents and schoolboys. According to the federal law, the minimum age of receipt in school - 6,5 years. However authorities of the capital have decided that the Moscow children develop faster the contemporaries regions, and have lowered the minimum age till 6 years. to solve a question on from what age the child should go to school, his parents can only, - has specified the editor of the bill, the head of capital department of education Ljubov Kezina. - the Law simply establishes the minimum age, and parents, depending on a situation, can send to study the child and in 5 years, and in 8 . Thus, by words Kezinoj, the new law forbids to test shestiletok at enrolment of pupils. To inspect initial knowledge it is possible only after receipt of the child in school. That parents have not forgotten to send in time the child in the first class, the law has obliged bodies of municipal management to check, a leah all children of school age are written down in educational institutions. If the child left from detsadovskogo age, but still does not go to school without the objective reasons on that, it turns out that he spends the basic time in the street, almost as the homeless child - Kezinoj, the deputy of Moscow City Council Evgenie Bunimovich has explained sodokladchik. Now bodies of municipal management should collect the data from REGISTRY OFFICES, regional DEZov and spend verifying spot-checks on the houses fixed to each school. Schools, in turn, are obliged to help poor families to train and nurture children. According to Bunimovicha, work only has begun, but is already revealed more than 1000 children of school age who are not attending school from - for light-mindedness parents. Some deputies even have become agitated, a leah can contain capital schools not occupied children all earlier by study. Bunimovich has reminded that as a result of demographic crisis of school today are not filled completely and no problems should to arise. In the law there is one more innovation: If at federal level obligatory is 9 - class education in Moscow the concept of the general education is expanded till 11 years. any child will not appear out of school after the ninth class if he wants to continue education, - has promised Bunimovich. - the Law forbids a management of school not to start up the ninth-grader in the tenth class even if its behaviour and progress leave much to be desired . Will supervise heads of schools the city commissions on protection of the rights of minors. According to Ljubovi Kezinoj, the passed law - only the first step on a way to perfection of a capital education system. Shortly on Moscow City Council consideration the bill of vocational training will arrive. NEWSru. com