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The second session of court on Michael Jackson`s business: show will not be

In the Californian city of Santa - Maria on Friday, on February, 13th, will pass court session on Michael Jackson`s business. As representatives of the singer have informed earlier, it will not be present this time on court not to call an agiotage similar to volume which has begun on January, 16th when the first session of court has taken place, informs RIA News . Then thousand admirers of the singer have filled city streets, and he after an exit from a court hall has climbed up a roof of the car and has danced for the admirers. This time fans are discouraged - they will not manage to see the substitute. The king of bottoms - music remains this day houses, and any new show is not expected. This time its presence at a court hall it is not required. Some remedial questions, in particular, about a date started of hearings, and also about will be solved, a leah to do process materials opened for general public. We do not expect the big flow of admirers, - the lieutenant of police of Santa - Marias Chrises Voen has told to agency AP. - to It it will be simple there is nothing to look . Jackson`s absence does this session less attractive and for numerous representatives of mass media who widely shined the first session. As a result of the district Santa power - Barbara where the city of Santa - Maria is located, have cancelled a payment for a parking at a building of court which has flied up on January, 16th to 250 dollars for days though planned to lift it to 400 dollars, referring to necessity of a covering of expenses on safety and cleaning, passes ITAR - TASS. In addition, as Jackson Rejmond Bejn`s new representative has declared has informed that security of bottoms providing recently - stars the organisation Islam Nation will play now less considerable role in his life. Earlier there were hearings that in their relations there was a rupture, but Jackson has hastened to deny these hearings. According to Bejna, Jackson is going to represent more actively itself itself in all questions out of court . He was very tired of the atmosphere generated round it reminding circus - has declared Bejn. Accusations in fulfilment of dissolute actions concerning the juvenile are brought to Michael Jackson. At court session on January, 16th, 2004 the singer who is at large on the security in 3 million of dollars, has declared the innocence. NEWSru. com