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The president of Latvia has confirmed the law limiting the rights of Russian schoolboys to be trained in a native language

the President of Latvia Vaira Vick - Frejberga has signed on Friday the changes passed by a diet in the law About education providing transfer of schools of national minorities, including Russian, mainly on the Latvian language of training. The transitive rules stated in the law say that with on September, 1st, 2004 in the state and municipal average general educational educational institutions in which educational programs of national minorities are carried out, with 10 - go an employment class pass in the state (Latvian) language . According to the law, since September, 1st, 2004 in the senior classes of national schools only it will be possible to teach 40 % of subjects in a native language. The same requirement concerns the state and municipal professional educational institutions where from the first course study should be spent in the Latvian language. In the law it is noticed that transition of schools of national minorities to the Latvian language of training is spent according to Gosstandart general educational and vocational training. This standard defines that development of the educational maintenance in a state language is provided in volume not less three fifth from the general annual academic load, including foreign languages, and provides development of the educational maintenance connected with language, identity and culture of national minority in national minority language . The law comes into force on February, 27th this year, informs RIA News . The Latvian newspapers publish also the letter Vick - Frejbergi, addressed the prime minister - to the minister and the chairman of a diet. In it the head of the Latvian state expresses disagreement with statements that changes in the law About education ostensibly worsen or essentially limit the rights of national minorities . The president of Latvia, in particular, considers that in comparison with confirmed by a diet earlier edition 3 - go subparagraph 9 - go point of Transitive rules which provided to begin study with 10 - go a class of educational institutions of national minorities and only in a state language edition legally fixes on February, 5th the right of national minorities to get education in a native language . At the same time, Vick - Frejberga pays attention of the prime minister and the speaker of parliament on separate norms of the law About education which are not corrected on February, 5th and which are necessary for correcting as soon as possible . In particular, the president considers unfair and unreasonable norm of the law according to which the state and self-management finance only those private educational institutions in which study is completely conducted in the Latvian language. The president of Latvia it do not agree and that the Ministry of Education defines, what subjects at schools of national minorities should be taught in the Latvian language. She calls the Ministry of Education and Science to continue an explanation of school reform and dialogue with the public, not to admit that as a result of political actions people who really want to provide to the children good education and possibilities " suffered affliction;. In turn, the parliament and the government, is told in the letter Vick - Frejbergi, should bear responsibility for that the ministry could carry out the problems put before it. On Wednesday in Riga have passed mass protest actions against education reform in which have taken part about 20 thousand young men from all schools with Russian-speaking training of Riga, Daugavpils and Yelgava, and also several Latvian schools. Many of them demanded not only cancellations of amendments to the law on education, but also resignations Vick - Frejbergi. In Latvia, since May of last year, pass scale protest actions of opponents latyshizatsii Russian schools in which active participation is accepted also by schoolboys. According to the left political forces, these amendments to the law on education destroy Russian secondary education in Latvia. NEWSru. com