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Schwarzenegger will congratulate Konanyhina on rank reception « Nju - the Jorksky businessman 2003 »

In the end of 2003 the former Russian banker Alexander Konanyhin has spent some time in prison as the visitor of uncle Sam after the American immigration authorities have arrested him when he tried to get over from Buffalo to Canada and to ask there a political asylum. Konanyhin, one of the first Russian millionaires who have become by those after falling of communists, has left the country in 1992 and has found refuge in the USA in 1999 - m. In New York he has created prospering business on advertising on the Internet, writes The Washington Post (transfer into site Inopressa. ru). However in November immigration court, possibly, having decided that Putin justice is that is necessary has cancelled the decision about granting of Konanyhinu of a refuge. People from the ministry of internal security with tremendous eagerness were engaged in its dispatch home where him accuse of theft of means of own bank. He says that did not do it. Then the federal judge in New York has prevented its deportation, the appeal commission of immigration court has reconsidered the previous decision and has directed business on additional consideration to the judge. So imagine surprise of Konanyhina when it has received a fax from National republican committee of the congress in which it was informed that it have selected Nju - the Jorksky businessman of year ! As that, you will be recommended for a decoration and receive it at special ceremony - the chairman of committee Thomas Reynolds has informed it. Ceremony carrying out on which the president Bush and governor Schwarzenegger will be specially invited visitors, is planned for April, 1st. We use this letter as the proof of that Konanyhin meets the requirements of the status of the permanent resident of the USA, being unusually capable businessman, - its lawyer Michael Maggio has declared yesterday. - Many thanks to a republican management . NEWSru. com