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TV channel NBC will publish unknown persons before video - and audio records of princess Diana

TV channel NBC c that a two-part documentary film Princess Diana: Confidential records it will be shown by TV channel on March, 4th and 11. It included records and the pictures dated 1991 - 1993 years. According to representatives of TV channel, on made secretly in 1991 in the Kensingtonsky palace audio records, Diana argues on the life till a marriage, about suicide attempts, about the travails called by incorrectness of Charles, and about the tense relations with royal family. These records have saved own voice of the princess. Records represent answers to Andrew Mortona`s questions, the author of the British best seller Diana. A true story published in 1992. Interview audio records were the basic source for a writing of this book in which the author opens background of a marriage of the princess, discrediting a myth about a beautiful love story The prince and the Cinderella informs NBC. Morton in the book also shines a chain of events which in July, 1996 has led to Diana and Charles`s divorce. The representative of TV channel NBC has declared that these records were never shown earlier to public. NEWSru. com