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Scandal around Parmalat became a computer game

company Parmalat Crash has turned to a video joke. Cynical programmers from the Italian site bastardidentro. com have altered legendary Pac - Man in a new way. Game is familiar to all fans of computer entertainments: characters - kolobki move ahead on a labyrinth and collect tochechki while they are pursued by ghosts. In new game kolobki have persons Kalisto Tantsi, former head Parmalat. Tochechki - banknotes, ghosts - policemen. The problem kolobka - Tantsi - to steal it is as much as possible money and to take out them in tax paradise on islands Kajmanovyh. If kolobku it is not possible, it appears straight in San Vittore Milan prison - there at once after arrest from Kollekio the former president of the company has been delivered, informs La Repubblica which article publishes InoPressa. One more moment: As usual happens in video games, having swallowed certain pills, for some seconds it is possible to become stronger than ghosts and even to destroy several of them. In game Pac - Man instead of pills packages of milk Parmalat are used. Site games bastardidentro. com - the original manifesto against politically correct reflexion of the validity. Programmers of a site already offered games on unbounded to inflating a bust Britney Spears, on otveshivaniju slaps in the face to Bill Gates, and in one of games it is possible for founder Microsoft to kill small wizard Harry Potter. The whole series of games is devoted carrying out of physiological operations, there are also offensive enough concerning religion plots. All it uses tremendous success at users from every corner of the globe. The Italian concern Parmalat has been declared by the bankrupt in the end of December of last year after it was found out that the bank account of the Italian dairy giant for the sum almost in 5 mlrd dollars has appeared fiction. Last check which has been carried out by auditor company PricewaterhouseCoopers, has shown that the concern regularly inflated the profits. Only for last nine months of last year management Parmalat has attributed to official incomes of 400 million dollars. NEWSru. com