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The collector car was gone in Petersburg with the driver and 17 million roubles

In the Vyborg area of St.-Petersburg on Friday morning from Savings Bank branch has disappeared in an unknown direction a collector armored car the Sable . According to the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs of St.-Petersburg and Leningrad region, nearby 8:30 collectors have approached on spetsavtomobile to 220 - mu to communication post office on the Civil prospectus, 19/ 1. Collectors with a bag in which there were 1 100 000 roubles, have gone on mail, having left the driver to expect their returning. However, when employees of collection have returned, the car on a place was not. The driver also has disappeared. Together with the car the part of the sum which had not time to carry yet was gone also. According to preliminary data, in the car was about 17 million roubles. On a city the plan " has been declared; Interception . After a while police officers have stopped booked the Sable on the prospectus of Veterans, at the house 1. However, under the information received in law enforcement bodies, the collectors who were in him have refused to leave the car before arrival of representatives of service of collection. Besides, under the available information, numbers of the searched car do not coincide with numbers which are available for the collector car stopped on the prospectus of Veterans. The car which was searched, has been found out a bit later in Kalininsky area in territory of a hostel of Polytechnical university. The driver was in it, and money in the car has not appeared. According to the driver, unknown persons (how much they were, it is specified) have approached in the morning to the car and under the threat of the weapon have forced out it from post office, then, having taken away money and having left it at a hostel, have disappeared. Now the driver is interrogated. Circumstances of incident are specified, Fontanka informs. ru. NEWSru. com