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Hockey players - millionaires ruin NHL

Professional hockey in the United States and Canada remains an unprofitable sport from the financial point of view. Such verdict was taken out on Wednesday by group of independent experts of National hockey league. By their estimations, in last season NHL losses have made 273 million US dollars. The analysis of the financial reporting given by all by 30 clubs of NHL, was spent within 10 months by group of experts under the direction of the former head of the federal Commission on securities and stock exchanges of the USA of Arthur Levitta. As a whole results of their work have almost coincided with estimations of own experts of NHL which have counted up past autumn that losses for last season have made 300 million dollars. According to given Levitta, 19 commands have suffered losses on the average on 18 million dollars. 11 clubs have reached the others of average profit at a rate of 6,4 million. The total amount of financial receipts of NHL for the same period has made 1,99 billion dollars, informs ITAR - TASS. Were great, however, and expenses, thus the lion`s share - 75 percent of this sum, according to the experts, have left for the salary to players which last years began to reach the astronomical sizes. In the past season the average salary of the hockey player in NHL has made 1,79 million - more than twice more than in first half 90 - h years of the last century. And the sum of the present contract most expensive the player - a Czech of Jaromira Jagra recently bought by club Rejndzherz at Kepitelz makes 11 million dollars a year. As has informed on a press - conferences the Levitt, one of the main conclusions to whom experts under its management have come, consists that operating business - NHL model is impractical from the economic point of view. Most likely, a management of League and owners of commands will actively maintain this expert opinion at negotiating on restriction of top level of salaries for hockey players with Association of players of NHL. While functionaries say that this threshold should make nearby 30 - 32 million dollars (that is the club can allow to have to itself only three - four stars like Jagra), but as observers consider, will agree and on 35 - 37 million. With surpluses in the cumulative sum of salaries of each command it is supposed to take a surtax that as a result will lead to growth of expenses of commands, and without that obviously not prospering. Period of validity existing between trade union and Collective agreement League in which such top limit of salaries is not registered, comes to an end on September, 15th. The association firmly opposes introductions similar a ceiling Motivating it with that level of salaries should be defined not by restrictions, and market laws and while, seemingly, does not think to give in. As a result many experts consider that in the future season of lock-out - the urged break in NHL activity - hardly probable will manage to be avoided. NEWSru. com