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Friday 13 - e can bring the present misfortunes sick triskadefobiej

to the Superstitious people who are suffering affliction triskadefobiej (fear of day Friday 13 - go ) For preservation of peace of mind psychiatrists advise not to plan serious and responsible affairs for Friday 13 - go. On it informs Interfax . According to psychiatrists, from the point of view of a modern science, the fear reason not in possible failures which happen on Friday 13 - go, not in the most magic number, and in psychology of people which the day before black Fridays already negatively adjust themselves . Experts have noticed that, according to last researches, every fourth European feels certain fear before Friday 13 - go . As culturologists have informed, fear of people before day Friday 13 - go originates in an antiquity. According to ancient poverjam, in such days on shabash 12 witches were flied, and the thirteenth in the heat of fun was the Satan . Some interpreters of biblical texts are assured, what exactly 13 - go numbers on Friday Adam and Eve " have tried a forbidden fruit; and in black Friday Cain has killed the brother Avel culturologists speak. Data that " were in the history saved; some great people suffered affliction the given souls` ailment . For example, Johann Wolfgang Goethe spent black Friday in bed, Napoleon never undertook battles, and the German chancellor Bismarck in such days did not append the signature even under the most harmless document, historians tell. Today in the well-known Ferris wheel in the Viennese park Prater there is no cabin at number 13, in the USA in all skyscrapers after 12 - go a floor follows 14 - j, in hospitals there are no chambers at number 13, and in one of airlines there are no flights at such number. At the same time culturologists have noticed that not in all countries and not at all times number 13 has ill fame . At Jews it is quite dear number. When - that Israel has been divided into 13 parts, 13 numbers the Messiah has come, kabbalisticheskoe the doctrine contains 13 sources, 13 gate of favour and 13 streams of balm which expect people in paradise . In Ancient Egypt and at Indians of the Maya number 13 on a broader scale symbolose favour of gods - scientists have told. NEWSru. com