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Roman Abramovich

the richest person of Russia became the richest Russian there was a governor of Chukotka Roman Abramovich, which status experts of magazine finans estimate in 12 mlrd dollars. The rating of the Russian billionaires is published by the edition on Monday. The last year`s leader of a rating - the former head of YUKOS Michael Khodorkovsky from - for share holding arrest was rolled away on 15 place in a rating. However, Abramovich would overtake it even if arrest would not be - in that case Khodorkovsky`s hypothetical status would make 8,3 mlrd dollars. Now Khodorkovsky is imprisoned, the State Office of Public Prosecutor has seized its actions, and the second and third places in a rating are divided by co-owners Norilsk nickel Vladimir Potanin and Michael Prochorus. A status of everyone - 5,4 mlrd dollars. In total in Russia, according to magazine, 25 dollar billionaires, from them 20 persons can consider themselves as billionaires in fashionable currency of euro. Besides, in Russia more than 150 rouble billionaires, many of them are absolute nepublichny, marks magazine. Middle age of the Russian billionaire - 44 years. The most age billionaire, according to magazine, the general director of the company Avisma Vladislav Tetjuhin who was born in 1932. Its status is estimated in 4,3 mlrd roubles. The youngest billionaire - 22 - summer Nikolay Smolensky - the son of the founder of banks SBS - agro and OVK Alexander Smolensky. Its status makes 2,9 mlrd roubles. Almost all Russian money-bags are connected with oil and metallurgical branches. From 25 leaders of a rating of exceptions only two: head AFK System Vladimir Yevtushenkov (6 place, 4,1 mlrd dollars) and Boris Berezovsky (24 place, 1,1 mlrd dollars). NEWSru. com