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The voyeur Kanevsky secretly removed feet of women in shop of the USA

Politsija Aventury (State of Florida) has informed on capture of the pervert which removed feet of women in shop. As it has been established, Anatole Kanevsky was included into shop under the pretext of the buyer with a backpack in which as it was found out, there was a videocamera. Kanevsky has put rjukazk on a floor closely to feet of one of customers. As a result the chamber has embodied everything that at the woman was under a skirt. In turn the shop tracking camera has filmed all actions of the pervert. To guards the manager who is watching thefts, has informed that a certain buyer, probably, removes women from below while they stop at shelves with the goods. Kanevsky to which on Friday 38 years were executed, has been accused of a scopophilia and it is placed in district Miami prison - Dejd. It has been released on the security at a rate of 500 dollars. The lawyer accused and he during week-end have refused comments. The representative of shop Target has not specified a detail of capture of the criminal, but has noted harmonious work of staff in this situation. security of members of our command and buyers - for us the most important thing - the woman has declared. As it was found out, a victim of the pervert became 17 - the summer girl in a skirt in length to a knee which has come to shop together with 18 - the summer girlfriend. She has told that has felt, as the man rubs about it, then it has put a backpack directly to her feet. She has begun to worry, but to it even to a head could not come, the pervert achieves that. Even when the girl has seen that the suspicious guy was arrested by police, she has thought that it the shoplifter. Later inspectors have opened to it truth, both the girl has felt a fright and disgust. The consequence has established that the voyeur visits on shootings in this shop not for the first time. However only this time it managed to be seized with polichnym, informs The Miami Herald. NEWSru. com