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The reason of a collapse of a roof in an aquapark could become switched off vozduhoduvki

One of leaders in Russia experts in building of aquaparks Valery Goregljad considers that to all fault - temperature fluctuations informs News. ru . this sort of designs in metal execution do not approach for the physical reasons. In - the first, in the conditions of an aquapark corrosion - electric, as in our cars, and chemical - under the influence of chlorine very quickly develops. To stop it it is impossible, as though the metal design has been protected. And in - the second, it is temperature fluctuations - I am assured that the tragedy in an aquapark has happened from - for them - has declared Goregljad. These factors considerably influence speed of development in metal of the fatigue phenomena calling loss by it of prochnostnyh of properties. In podkupolnom aquapark space the temperature about 30 degrees of Celsius is formed, and outside of February, 14th was almost a minus 20. That is the difference of temperatures of 50 degrees was created - and it is critical size for metal designs at our width - has underlined Goregljad. And more - when I last time was in Transvaal - park has noticed that aquapark operation has been put at very low level. During survey of system of ventilation I have found out that have not been included standing on a balcony vozduhoduvki which should provide from within retsirkuljatsiju air, reduce temperature in podkupolnom space and clean a condensate from a dome surface. It is rather probable that on February, 14th all has occurred from - that they did not work, - in the street has struck a strong frost, and under a dome hot air, to the contrary, has accumulated, and metal has not sustained temperature deformation - has informed Goregljad. NEWSru. com