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Magnitogorets does the weapon in size with a pen

Mosin`s Rifle vpjatero less original and easily finds room on a palm of master Sergey Sinenkova. The big fingers which have cracked from a metal dust it takes away a tiny shutter. Loads a rifle. So microscopic that them it is possible to take cartridges only tweezers. The trigger hardly is more than head of an ant. Sergey Mihajlovich presses it a needle. The shot is distributed, is more exact, hardly audible click.

Sergey Sinenkov is seriously taken by Creation of exact copies of small arms last six years. By a trade it the engineer, worked on metallurgichskom industrial complex. But in the weapon was interested since the childhood. Has collected even small library from rare directories and encyclopaedias about small arms. It ministers to it the unique self-instruction manual at manufacturing of miniatures. Sergey Mihajlovich verifies the sizes of the copies under these books.

On the bill of Sinenkova of 20 miniatures of the Russian and Soviet weapon. There are exact copies glorified mosinki Degtyaryov`s machine gun, the German and Soviet automatic machine of times of World War II. Each copy with absolute accuracy repeats the original. The rifle can be disassembled and collected, as present. And automatic machine PPSH consists of 124 details, as in the original.

By the way, the first mini - a pistol copy - a machine gun of Shpagina Sinenkov custom-made for the Supreme commander in chief.

In 2005 local branch of party an United Russia has reserved to me five copies of trunks of times of the Great Patriotic War, - Sergey Mihajlovich tells. - Them have laid in velvet cases. I know that the first intended to the president, and the second to governor of the region Peter Sumin in honour of 60 - letija Victories. It is said that I PPSH was pleasant to Putin, but confirm it I can not - personally the gift did not hand over.

On creation of one copy at the master leaves from one about two months. Weapon Sinenkov does of a steel. For butts uses mahogany. Even models of cartridges sharpens on the machine tool. However, to make a high-grade shot with such cartridge it will not turn out.

Umelets Sinenkov.

- I could make the present cartridge, make a bullet, pick up explosive, - Sergey Mihajlovich speaks, - but I do not want, that from my weapon someone injured.

Sinenkov tries to repeat not simply the original, but also to sustain technology of its manufacturing: punching, tochenie, milling. And all it in house conditions.

Loving wife Natalia has conceded under a masterful part of kitchen near to a plate. There Sergey Sinenkov also creates the unique products.

Members of household are proud of its hobby. Son Maxim has expressed desire to learn to do tiny copies. And Sergey Mihajlovich with all gravity has started to pass the skill to the fellow-heir.

- Will learn - will earn, - the Ural master speaks, - I did not sell products, it was impossible as - that. And he has managed about the Internet - auction the whole collection of small arms to sell - have left as pretty, on 400 dollars for an exhibit.