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To look at Varzugu it is possible, without leaving Murmansk

Light of my eyes, Varzuga... - so photo-exhibition about ancient pomorskom village on semuzhej to the river is named.

recently it has opened in an art museum. There it is possible to see works of the best Murmansk pictorialists which removed Varzugu in different years. On the majority of pictures - the well-known Uspensky church constructed in the beginning 70 - h years of a XVII-th century.

- in Varzuge to me the silence and maloljude in village was remembered, - Elena Kovalenko, the press photographer " remembered; and the author of the several works placed at an exhibition. - and that local residents have already learnt to earn on visitors. Two boys have approached to us then and began to tell about the local sacred source which water possesses curative properties in eager rivalry. Then speak: We there spend you - for hundred roubles on everyone . I have responded them that one guide will suffice also. No, - speak, - both of us want to earn!

one more bright memoirs on Varzuge were saved at other author - Fedoseyev`s Lion.

- I remember, we flied to business trip by the fire helicopter, - he tells. - to fly by over village it was not planned. But I have approached to the pilot and have asked to change a little a route, to make at least pair of circles over Varzugoj. As weather stood perfect - August, the sun, the clear sky. over such beauty would fly eternally - the pilot has told to me.

photos from that flight are at an exhibition.