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Night self-court of the Blagoveshchensk taxi drivers

In the night from Sunday to Monday the reader became the witness not absolutely usual incident. It was in the first to o`clock in the morning on a crossroads of streets Theatrical and Krasnoarmejsky.

- From three parties from a crossroads taxi cars stand columns. Any signals, bumps only are distributed. Between cars the person ten fight. Like as all on one. And then shout: Well everything, the freak, bring down from here! - Andrey has told.

the Guy has removed occurring on video.

- Wanted to call in militia, the dress to call, can, to whom the help is required, but here - time! - and all zavarushka was scattered. Cars have jerked from places, and even the muzhik whom have beaten where - that has evaporated, - our reader continues.

On video which have been removed by the night passer-by, taxi board numbers are clearly visible. It has appeared that taxi drivers " were participants of incident basically; the Person . Has decided to learn that has occurred. However the firm management has tried to leave from conversation. A pier, you have confused something, no states of emergency existing, all cars worked on calls, complaints were not.

But has informally explained state of emergency one of the Blagoveshchensk taxi drivers.

It is far not the first case in a city. Most likely, any abrupt has decided to throw vodilu. Or on a broader scale has refused to pay, or instead of hundred has put a fifty-kopeck piece, and even it is less. Yes probably also has commented, type: in the street crisis, and it will suffice you. Such things do not lower. Taxi drivers fast on a portable radio set of the call and learn the impudent fellow, - the taxi driver speaks.

In militia on a situation could not comment, as the call on state of emergency was not. However have advised to call at once in similar cases on 02.

Dear readers, and what you think of it? Leah correctly it when taxi drivers suit self-court while it is possible to hand over the careless passenger simply in militia? The author waits for your responses to a site.