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The man carried heroin in own stomach

the Ingenuity of smugglers at times does not know a limit, and frequently they are ready even to risk health to take illegal cargo. One such the original employees of Karasuksky customs fast have detained. The man carried some capsules with heroin in own stomach! Customs officers have been informed on the drug trafficker, and already waited dear visitor . However, the man has facilitated work to customs officers - it has given out itself(himself).

- During carrying out of customs control on a multilateral automobile check point Pavlovka (Karasuk of the Novosibirsk region) to one of passengers of the bus following from Kazakhstan by flight Pavlodar - Novosibirsk it became suddenly bad, - have told in a press - service of Novosibirsk customs. - in an unconsciousness the passenger has been delivered in reanimatsionnoe first aid branch. The X-ray has shown presence in intestines of the man of alien subjects which have appeared the capsules containing narcotic substance - heroin. From nine capsules seven were dissolved in a stomach. The remained two capsules contained heroin in lump of 13,6 grammes.

Despite overdose doctors managed to rescue the smuggler. By the way, customs officers notice that such case - the first on Karasuksky fast, before couriers with drugs in an organism there yet did not catch. It is natural that to respond the man it is necessary on all severity of the law.

- Concerning the citizen of republic Kazakhstan employees of Karasuksky customs fast have filed criminal charges ch. 2 items 188 of the criminal code of Russian Federation (Contraband). The drug trafficker is threatened with term of imprisonment till seven years and as the large fine, - summarised in Novosibirsk customs.

As drugs detain often enough on border of the Novosibirsk region with Kazakhstan, karasukskim customs officers will be helped henceforth by canine friends - the dogs trained on search of drugs. Last year the Federal customs service of the Russian Federation has disposed about creation at customs of Russia of film logic calculations and divisions. And here, on Karasuksky fast the first dog has already started to work, still it is necessary to choose and train the others (all them will be 9) for work at customs.