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Stepan Mezentsev: the Violin has taken offence at me also week spoke hoarsely

the Violinist - virtuoso Stepan Mezentsev often name Vanessoj Mej in trousers . Krasnoyarsk citizens could estimate its skill already in the fourth time - on these days off the musician has acted in a recreation centre of Kombajnostroitelej with the program the Violin drive .

that it not a concert of classical music, clearly, even looking at the poster. On it Stepan presses to itself a violin, and on a shoulder at it the huge tattoo which would approach the biker on a motorcycle, than to the violinist more flaunts.

- I have made this tattoo about eight years ago, - Mezentsev when we have met him behind side scenes has told. - believe, it means nothing. Certainly, people have got used that the violinist is a thin young man in a black dress coat. But at me it is perfect other music!

- And you always with the same violin go by tour?

- Yes. This violin always goes with me on life. For me it - as the woman, as the child. Know, there was one such case, to me have suggested to buy a violin. I took to play it with myself, and this have left houses. Know, I had a sensation, as if I walk with any other girl. As a result I did not begin to buy that violin - to me with it was not comfortable. And the native tool has taken offence at me also week spoke hoarsely.

Repertoire at Mezentsev rather various. Krasnoyarsk citizens have heard also known melodies from films the Caucasian captive the Diamond hand and processing well-known Flight of a bumblebee and even club hits.