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The best recipes from a hang-over!

quickly: soljanka opohmelnaja and bananovo - a dairy cocktail

the Russian national way Checked up by centuries to appease a dreary status - cabbage kvashenaja, yes with kljukovkoj, yes with rassolchikom! It is possible to use and a cucumber brine - only not too concentrated. It is better to dilute it half with cold water.

It is not necessary to drink a brine with vinegar (from - under marinaded vegetables). It will not bring simplification, besides will burn mucous a stomach, then with a gastritis will toil.

Here one more class Old Russian recipe: small chop fresh and salty cucumbers, add small cut boiled veal or beef. It is possible to add olive trees or olive berries. All this business fill in with the diluted cucumber brine - it will turn out like cold soljanki. The organism will quickly be restored and will fill shortage of a liquid - the headache reason. Besides in this dish contain necessary for exhausted narzanom an organism potassium, magnesium, sodium.

And some pedantic Germans after a notable party for a breakfast eat next morning well boiled thoroughly mutton, a banana and drink the big glass of milk.

By the way, physicians advise to drink milk and before the alcohol use, it will facilitate a hungover syndrome. And bananas are rich polisaharidami and are nutritious, they will give energy. It is possible to rescue favourite, for pair minutes having shaken up in a mixer bananovo - a dairy cocktail: and to business will help, and it is very aesthetic.

In Turkey and Bulgaria prefer to expel the green snake by means of yoghurt and other sour-milk products: they not only contribute in fast deducing from an organism of toxins, but also patch wounds mucous a stomach.

Englishmen chew spinach, Frenchmen drink coffee with salt

In the Rising sun country dip a gauze bandage in sake and then breathe through it. If all vodka has ended in previous day Japanese escape five - six cups of hot green tea.

Inhabitants of foggy Albion eat spinach in the morning. By the way, arrive wisely: its antioxidants accelerate a conclusion of products of disintegration of alcohol from an organism. And the big cup of tea with rosemary! It will remove a headache, will help a liver to neutralise toxins.

Frenchmen prefer to struggle with a hang-over by means of hot onions soup and strong black coffee, and not with sugar, and with salt. But coffee helps not to everything, then a certain way - a cocktail Washing for a pig - in a glass pour a few lemon juice and two equal parts of white wine and sparkling water. Or the Invigorating cocktail - Half of glass of the milk, one banana and two table spoons of honey.


Alexey TSAREV, the doctor of higher category, the expert in narcology:

-       the Alcohol dehydrates, calls shortage of potassium, magnesium and sodium in an organism. And products of disintegration of alcohol give the general intoxication - from here a nausea and headaches. Somewhat quicker to cope with a hang-over, it is necessary to drink more liquids - alkaline mineral water of type borzhomi (it is possible simply hardly the added some salt water), any juice, except concentrated granatnogo and grape, is good green tea. Necessarily eat tablets 7 - 10 activated coals or drink an egg flip glass (these sorbents will remove alcoholic poisoning symptoms).

the Only thing that I do not advise - to treat similar similar, that is opohmeljatsja. The new portion of alcohol, of course, dulls hungover symptoms, but actually becomes strong stress for an organism. Besides to us, experts in narcology, it is perfectly known that wrong opohmel conducts to hard drinking !


the the drink is more light, the easier in the morning

And here that the expert of newspaper Guardian doctor Guy Retkliff, the chief of a health service of Medical advice of Britain on alcohol advises:

5 ways to cope with a hang-over

1. Before drinking the first wine-glass, fill the stomach. Alcohol is fast soaked up in blood and more strongly irritates stomach walls if to drink on an empty stomach. Before to go on a party, eat something fat that will be slowly digested and will protect a stomach, having slowed down speed of penetration of alcohol in an organism. The milk glass will give similar effect.

  2. Prefer poorly painted drinks. The connections containing in alcohol of sated colours, operate directly on blood vessels. It calls similarity of a migraine and strengthens a hang-over. As a rule, the alcohol is more light, the less than such connections in it contains. That is in this sense vodka is better, than whisky or rum. Drinking on every portion alcohol a water glass, you will help an organism to cope with dehydration.

  3. Be wrapped up more warmly. Alcohol expands hypodermic blood vessels, calling loss of heat of an organism, besides that subjectively the person feels heat. Obmorozhenie as a result of alcoholic intoxication - a widespread cause of death in Russia.

  4. For the night: drink more than simple water and eat, for example, a piece of bread from a flour of a rough grinding. It will help to avoid sugar low level in blood at awakening.

  5. For the morning: water our all! Drink antatsid (a preparation lowering acidity of a stomach - renni, taltsid, gastratsid, maaloks and etc.) and paracetamol from a headache (aspirin is too sharp for your weakened stomach). The Cup of coffee can help, as caffeine is vasoconstrictive means and helps blood vessels, but be not fond of it as it also possesses diuretic properties.
and here according to professor Kolin Beri from University of London, favourite means at a hang-over - vitamin C - in any way does not remove symptoms.