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JAroslavich has beaten NOVU in five parties

Till the end of the regular championship remains not too much - only four matches, one of which JAroslavich has spent on Saturday. Within the limits of 19 - ogo tour on the Yaroslavl earth there have arrived volleyball players from Novokuybyshevsk, beaten recently the competitor JAroslavicha in struggle for hit in plej - off Gazprom - Jugru .

in the first circle of the regular championship rivals already had to meet with each other. Then jaroslavtsy have taken away from Novokuybyshevsk 2 points, having defeated five sets.

On Saturday for a duel soundtrack on a match there have arrived fans are new which at first jaro supported the favourite club. However joyful krichalki fans have not rescued visitors from defeat in the first party though since first minutes that game jaroslavtsam was given not easily was evident. But to the first technical a time - to a miss owners have moved with the bill 8:4. On a course of party fans have seen some beautiful long draws which in the majority came to an end successfully for JAroslavicha . Denis Garkushenko quite often got dead balls, than called a storm of emotions not only clubmates, but also spectators. At last - that at owners was earned by the block about which long time Sergey Shljapnikov complained. Three together, together, on one - covered all and all. Thanks to harmonious game on the block and as usual to Maxim Mihajlova`s excellent attacks the first party jaroslavtsy have won with the bill 25:20.

In the second game piece already visitors more preferably looked. Since the first minutes it is new has come forward and akademichno typed points. Diagonal Alexander Klimkin attacking visitors stably submitted, than called difficulties in reception Yury Shakirov and Alexander Sokolova. In the end of party numerous attacks were finished by Mihajlov. the Lifesaver jaroslavtsev worked on deterioration. At the critical bill for owners 23:24 on giving strengthening there was Andrey Titich. Doigrovshchik it is powerful has loaded in a cable, and a ball it was rolled and has fallen to the party are new . It would Seem, it is necessary and to develop further success, but to pull out party jaroslavichi could not. In a result, the second set at persistent struggle remained for   visitors.

In the third set jaroslavtsy have razed to the ground from are new - blocked almost all attacks, and effective discounts which passed in the previous parties at visitors did not turn out in any way. To the second technical a time - to a miss of the third game piece jaroslavtsy to put it mildly have rolled up the rival - 16:5. And the fat point in party was put by Andrey Pavlov, which has loaded metre for two in a miss. As a result,   25:11 in favour of owners.

the Fourth set remained for visitors, and the destiny of a duel has dared on thaw - a break. Here - that JAroslavich it was mobilised and dozhal the rival - 15:11. The Yaroslavl volleyball players have devoted this victory to Day of the defender of Fatherland.