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At the summit in Berlin will discuss ways of an exit from financial crisis

In   Sunday, on February, 22nd, heads of Germany, Great Britain, Italy, France and other leading European countries will meet in Berlin. The summit purpose - coordination of ways of overcoming of financial crisis. Leaders of the European powers will co-ordinate a uniform position before the summit the twenty which will take place in London 1 - on April, 2nd.

- to the world economy Renaissance stirs protectionism, - the prime minister - the minister of Denmark Anders fog has declared Rasmussen at a meeting with the chairman of Eurocommission Jose Manuel Barroso.

the Main problem in struggle against crisis - each of the countries pulls a blanket on itself, without reckoning with interests of neighbours. The world markets are closed. The situation reminds isolation of the Russian regions in 90 - e years. Then the regional authorities and power structures did not pass the goods and the products made in other regions.

On this way now there are governments not only to EU, but also to the USA. In respect of stimulation of the American economy, accepted last week, the point on obligatory purchase of the goods of the American manufacture by trading networks contains.

as the Initiator of development of anti-recessionary measures German chancellor Angela Merkel acts. The head of the largest economy of the European Union has supported creation of the global mechanism of regulation of the international financial markets.

it is necessary for Authorities to interfere with work of exchange players more actively. And for this purpose it is necessary to eliminate white stains in control over financial products and operators of the financial markets. German economists have developed the Atlas of risks which problem operatively to reveal and eliminate threats for the financial market. The government of Germany is ready to spend half-trillion euro for economy stabilisation.

position of some young EU countries becomes One more subject of discussion menacing financial. For example, Hungary and the Baltic States are on a threshold of the state default. Old participants of EU cannot throw beginners of the union in private with a problem.

However, strategy development on crisis overcoming suits not all leaders of the European Union.

- I am a little concerned by that one behind others members of EU prepare own plans and programs, - the chairman so-called " was voiced; Eurogroups uniting ministers of the EU countries which have passed for euro, Jean - Claude Junker.

According to the official, members of the European Union do not have uniform line of coordination of plans on struggle against global crisis. Therefore Poland will spend on March, 1st the separate anti-recessionary summit for the countries Central and the Eastern Europe.

we Will remind that the summit G - 20 - a new format of meetings of leaders of the states. To To club of eight leaders of the European Union, and also heads of India, China, Brazil and Turkey join. In these countries lives two thirds of world population and 90 % of world gross national product are developed almost. The countries the twenty now work over the catalogue from 47 points which can become a skeleton of the future world economy.