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To Dmitry Konontsu all boots

&mdash were close; I ministered in a protection company in a space part, protected the native land from intrusion inoplanetnyh aggressors I (joke). It would be desirable to eat very much, therefore I have made friends at once with all who worked on kitchen. Me fed up, gave tushenku from suhpajka. At that time I already was engaged in a bar. And I was not loved very much by the chief of a part. From - for trainings I had big calves, boots pressed, it was necessary to cut a few a top. For it the chief also drove me supposedly not under the charter. But problems with « grandfathers » was not. Once the demobilisation has called me in kapterku. Speaks, undress, we will fight. I have thrown off a shirt, he has had a look at muscles and speaks: put on. Since then nobody touched me.

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Dmitry Kononets, strongmen.

a service Place: space armies, the Uhlan - Ude (1988 – 1990).

Dmitry Kononets, strongmen.