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Soldier Novokreshchenov named the lieutenant colonel the fool

- Once a month at us passed days of technical park when sluzhivye were engaged in combat material and territory cleaning, - Alexander Novokreshchenov remembers. - Once such genuborka has coincided with an anniversary of my mum and I needed to send the telegramme urgently. I have asked for leave at the heads, have run to post office and already came back back as suddenly on my way there was lieutenant colonel Pentjak.

- Who has allowed to leave a service place?

- Zamkomandira of a regiment, at mum anniversary, - I have rapped out under the charter.

But Pentjak was not appeased:

- Why has left an arrangement?

- Here the receipt, the telegramme sent

- On the basis of what you left for territory?

Alexander Novokreshchenov.

It is senseless dialogue some minutes lasted. Five times he asked me same. And here I have become angry so that was not kept and have blurted out:

- At you two asterisks on epaulets, and behave as the fool

to Troy of days I cuckooed on a guardroom. However, after incident we with Pentjakom have made friends - I helped it to repair constructions.

the FILE

Alexander Novokreshchenov

the Main court enforcement officer of the Chelyabinsk area (soon will leave to work as the main police officer of Sverdlovsk area).

a service Place: The Far East, was the commander of the tank (1977 - 1978 gg).