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The award the Recognition - 2008 : Chelyabinsk has chosen the best!

when you hear boys from choral school Youth on a body run murashki. So it is pure, correct and it is light their voices, so oduhotvorenny persons flow. You listen and are proud: at us many good children! Those who does not kill time in empty idle idleness.

More than thirty years supervise over choral school remarkable teacher Vladimir Makedon. School of choral art Youth successfully goes on tour across Russia and abroad. Vladimir Mitrofanovich has developed own program of training with which help the most complicated choral products are executed: masses I - S.Bach, V.A.Mozart, F.Schubert, etc. Vladimir Makedona`s Talent for a long time it is appreciated: it the honoured worker of culture of the Russian Federation. Now in nagradnom the list of Makedona one more has flashed a gold line : It became the winner of the higher public award of Chelyabinsk - awards the Recognition the founded administration of Chelyabinsk and the Chelyabinsk municipal duma.

I an island of the Mayor Sergey Davidov and winners of the award the Recognition - 2008 .
the Photo: Valery ZVONAREV

knows the City, the city is proud

the Higher public award for socially significant and the charities directed on improvement of quality of life cheljabintsev, has appeared at Chelyabinsk in 2006. Following the results of 2008 on award competition 55 demands have been submitted to organising committee. Within six months collectives of establishments, the organisations and the enterprises brought documents on promotion of the colleagues or heads. Demands to organising committee were submitted also by self-promoted workers. Definition of the worthy occurred in three stages. First selection was traditionally carried out on the basis of the analysis of the received demands and recommendations, consultations, sociological researches, white papers and publications in mass-media. After that ballot in which course the competitive commission consisting of 20 judges and organising committee, has defined winners has taken place.

For eleven persons and one organisation, become by winners of the higher public award of Chelyabinsk the fact of a recognition of their merits - one of life important points. Yes, someone from them already has loud ranks, but now a city gives thanks to that these people have made for its development and prosperity.

the Flood of light over a night megacity

Among award nominations is that that is handed over for the contribution to a city accomplishment. During the last years Chelyabinsk is really transfigured: the city became brighter, is more light. And a vesper city it is simple a flood of light. Streets of settlement AMZ, Traktorozavodsky and Metallurgical disctricts of the city were shined. In streets of Chelyabinsk today one thousand kilometres of networks of external illumination and 30 thousand svetotochek, united in uniform management system. Stanislav Ivanovich Mosharov, the general director of Open Company " became the hero of this nomination; CHeljabgorsvet . Together with collective it has introduced modern technologies at the enterprise, has offered and has proved effective ways of illumination of city highways and streets.

- it is very pleasant To me to receive this award, - Stanislav Mosharov has told. - In CHeljabgorsvete professional and responsible people work. We will make all that the city lived even more brightly.

School Usovoj - pride of the Russian science

the Winner in a nomination For the contribution to a development of education there was Antonina Vasilevna Usova managing stand of the theory and a technique of training physicist CHGPU. Antonina Vasilevna - the teacher, the teacher, the founder of school of history and a technique of teaching of physics at school. It represents a family dynasty of the teachers, which general experience - 850 years. Antonina Vasilevna - the full member of the Russian Academy of Education, the honoured worker of a science of the Russian Federation. School of thought Usovoj is presented today by 120 post-graduate students, candidates and doctors of sciences. Antonina Vasilevny`s creative biography is 57 years of pedagogical activity. Thousand students, the future teachers, scientific have passed through heart of the great teacher.

The one who gives happiness

the Winner of the award the Recognition In a nomination Public health services there was Vladimir Favelevich Bavilsky, the doctor medical sciences, the senior lecturer of stand of urology and andrology of the Ural state medical academy of the additional education, managing urological branch, the doctor - the urologist of MUSES GKB 5. Vladimir Bavilsky - the ingenious doctor, in whose hands - health and happiness of our families and the future of our children. The creative biography Bavilsky is 110 scientific articles, 12 medical inventions. And who could assume, what it belongs to the one who in the childhood dreamt a trade of the seaman and even has escaped from the house to enter the Odessa seaworthy school? Vladimir Favelevich - the remarkable surgeon, the talented scientist. To its branch of hospital on CHGRESe go in hope to find the great happiness in life - children.

- No doubt, I regard this award as a recognition of work of all collective of branch of urology and operative andrology of city clinical hospital 5, - the winner of the award " has told; the Recognition. - good luck!

Water of life - to townspeople

The inhabited quarters, parks, squares, highways Chelyabinsk was stretched on thousand square kilometres. Daily each of us faces work of public utilities, whether it be cleaning of a court yard or presence in the crane of hot and cold water. Our life, our mood depends on daily harmonious work of public utilities. The award the Recognition in a nomination For the contribution to development housing - municipal services Egor Viktorovich Kovalchuk, general director MUP " has received; povv . The main health officer of Chelyabinsk Anatoly Semenov has handed over the award.

- the Average person on 80 % consists of water, - the main health officer has told. - Cheljabintsy, thanks to the enterprise which is headed by Egor Viktorovich, on 80 % consist of perfect water. Believe to me: it is checked up by Rospotrebnadzorom!

Winners of the award the Recognition following the results of 2008 of a steel:

For the contribution to a development of education - Antonina Vasilevna USOVA managing stand of the theory and a technique of training physicist CHGPU.

For the contribution to public health services development - Vladimir Favelevich BAVILSKY, managing urological branch, the doctor - the urologist of MUSES GKB 5.

For the contribution to culture development - Roza Zijatdinovna ORLOVA, director OGUK the Chelyabinsk state theatre of young spectators .

For the contribution to physical training and sports development - Leonid Mihajlovich KULIKOV, rector UralGuFk, the professor.

For the contribution to development of education of children and youth - Vladimir Mitrofanovich MAKEDON, the director, the art director of children`s art choral school of arts Youth .

For the contribution to development of health and safety and law and order protection - Vitaly Viktorovich DUG, the chief of department on disclosing of crimes against the person of the Department of Internal Affairs of Traktorozavodsky area.

For the contribution to development of an accomplishment of a city - Stanislav Ivanovich MOSHAROV, the director of Open Company CHeljabgorsvet .

For the contribution to development housing - municipal services - Egor Viktorovich KOVALCHUK, general director MUP povv .

For the contribution to journalism development - Svetlana Galeevna JAREMCHUK, director GPCHO Regional television .

For the contribution to development of personnel structure of municipal service - Sergey Grigorevich ZYRYANOV, the director of the Chelyabinsk institute (branch) of FGOU VPO the Ural academy of public service .

For the contribution to town-planning development - Open Company the Baltic building company - 41 . For building of ice arena the Tractor .

For the best socially significant project - Evgenie Nikolaevich KUZMIN, the head of the Chelyabinsk head coordination centre Intellectuals of the XXI-st century Russian scientifically - the social program for youth and schoolboys the Step to the future .

All winners of the award have received social recognition main character - a unique figurine, diplomas and a gold breastplate. A musical gift chorus performance " became awarded; Youth and Tamara Gverdtsiteli`s concert.