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To militiamen have forbidden to change to wives and to carry the worn out boots

In this broshjurke only 50 pages, but what! Life of guards is registered in the new Code of ethics of employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs hardly probable not constantly. The militiaman should be clean-shaven, not smoke, not carry the worn out footwear and to watch the sexual communications . This the militian constitution the head of Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs Rashid Nurgaliev has confirmed and has obliged to carry out everyone a precept . About, a leah it will do at us, we have talked to the deputy chief of the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs of area, the head of department of shots Sergey Chernej. It should be responsible for education of people in epaulets.

- Really now to all generals it is necessary to shave moustaches? - Stirred us a question and as it has appeared, in vain.

- Moustaches can be carried, - Sergey Chernej has assured us. - and here as to a beard - that is not desirable. On a broader scale, if to get a grasp of lines of the Code the document is worthy also understanding. What bad if militiamen cease to go for work in crushed clothes? Or to smoke on fast, in an office, to be expressed by obscene words?

Concerning the last to Novosibirsk guards on a broader scale has carried - once a month for them will be organised lectures of Novosibirsk professorate on ethics and the standard of speech. And if it does not clear militian language more severe methods will go to a course.

- At regional departments the commissions on professional etiquette are already created, - Sergey Afanasevich continues. - In the commission some persons are our veterans, and if the militiaman has broken any point of the Code, the question on punishment of the infringer should be solved it.

Certainly if the militiaman, being in forgetfulness, will thrust hands in pockets (and it under the Code cannot be done categorically) for such wrongdoing it will not dismiss, and will simply rebuke. But here if the same commission will be reached by hearing that the guard to the wife changes

- Or if the neighbour complains of employees that it at home arranges with nights of an orgy, then reprimand is inevitable, - the chief of shots continues.

But to punish - not the commission main task. Situations happen different.

- Even if at the militiaman the worn out boots, it is necessary to understand, why they such, - Victor KOSHELEV, the chief of criminal militia of the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs on NSO speaks. - Perhaps at it simply money is not present on new

the Only thing that till now is not clear to chiefs, is a point about tattoos which employees on a body be categorically should not.

- Well present, the perfect inspector by youth has pinned to itself: I love Julju - Sergey Chernej speaks. - then already time has regretted hundred about it. Not to dismiss now the employee? At all I do not know, what here the exit can be

While the booklet with the loud name the ethics Code is only at the chief of the Department of Internal Affairs of Novosibirsk, to it it have given out on board of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in Moscow. Usual private soldiers yet have not received this entertaining book on hands, but had time to familiarise - have downloaded from the Internet.

- In printing house we have already reserved circulation the Code this book should be on a table at each police officer, - Sergey Chernej summarised. - besides it in regional departments stands with the full text " will be established; the ethics Code that militiamen for a second did not forget about how should conduct itself on work and at home. By the way, to this document at us already was the honour Code developed in 1993. Only it is obviously obsolete, the new variant - more progressive and reflects realities of our time. After all to nurture police officers, certainly, it is necessary. And I think that we will start it to do since March, 1st.

Rashid Nurgaliev is assured that it is necessary to train militiamen first of all in culture.

It Is read at a forum http:// www. police - russia. ru/

What salary - such and honour!

how ordinary militiamen concern the new document, they prefer not to speak - simply are afraid. But their opinions can be honoured on the Internet, on one of the most popular portals among people in epaulets: http:// www. police - russia. ru/.

If to remember about concept of honour it (since imperial Russia) was inherent in people rather well-to-do: To officers, to noblemen, and so forth Something about honour of the peasant or honour of the muzhik or honour of the hard worker I have never heard. And presently that? What such honour, forgive for expression?. When seriously brought up a question on equating militia to needy When at the person the head that he lives in a hostel and his wife with children whom it is necessary to feed and dress is ill, and the gleam is not present
Tarasus .

One I will not understand. If now demand polite and cultural dialogue with citizens, forbid to take bribes it is everything earlier, it turns out, authorised, a leah that?. And we also did not know!
Atlant .

the Code should be stated short, rublenymi phrases. For example: Not uby do not steal do not commit perjury Always in everything, under any circumstances show endurance ... And etc.
the Scorpion .

About yes! At last that! And I think - that to me so is badly worked?. It appears, it not banal nedoobespechenie technical means (quite often it is necessary to work without a portable radio set and by the car), and it is simple to me there was no Code! Well now - that all will be adjusted
Karabas .

Rough and frequently the incorrect relation to citizens, unfortunately, takes place to be, but to struggle with it the offered method it is impossible, because today in OVD the best contingent ministers not.
Garik .