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Roksana Babayan in Samara has scarified dating sites

In Samara   Philharmonic societies in the evening   on December, 15th there was a present chaos. People were flown down here from all city. The reason   there was a performance “ Hanuma “. The actor`s structure here - most that on is the star: Michael Derzhavin, Roksana Babayan, Julia Rutberg, Olga Arntgolts and set of other celebrities. And though this statement show on the Samara scene not for the first time, it has called spectators the same interest as well as in   last arrival to our city.  

When - that travel “ Hanumy “ Samaras have begun near. The first representation of a distance in Tolyatti, the second - already at us. And on Monday actors played this enterprise already in 113 times.

- Recently we were in Ulyanovsk, today in Samara, the day after tomorrow already in Salekhard, - has told “ Julia Rutberg about the busy schedule. - The structure of actors practically does not change, time for rest is not present.

Crisis is driven on tour

by the Well-known actress waits - nedozhdetsja for New year, that   to meet him together with the family. The couple of Rutberg at last can gather behind a family table. For now Julia that though as - that to see the husband, it is necessary to carry it with itself on tour.

- I can not tell that it is convenient, but other exit at me is not present, - Rutberg admitted. - And during crisis only mad tour life helps to earn on life. After all many teleprojects close. Actors need to play only theatre. At me the next year two projects are planned: the full length movie about the Great Patriotic War and cinema under the novel “ the Druggist “. One of them are going to submit for grant reception. And here that will be with other projects, I do not know.

In performance Julia plays one of matchmakers - Kabato. She is the moustached bandy-legged Georgian who marries off all whom sees. After all it is its unique way to earn on life. But the actress is assured: in life to climb in another`s relations never it is impossible.

matchmakers are necessary To us!

Akery played is very realistic. The hall believed their each word. Look a photo gallery > > >
the Photo: Dmitry of BARGE HAULERS

And here Roksana Babayan who plays Hanumu, with the colleague does not agree.

- the Matchmaker I had not to happen, of course, - she has responded in exclusive interview “ - But to play it to me it was pleasant. Connection of people is a craft God`s. Unfortunately, now we have departed from institute of matchmakers which was popular earlier. Now as our matchmakers marriage agencies and the Internet act. And it is very dangerous history! How much Russian girls have sold in slavery abroad? And when the young were married by the matchmaker, it was responsible for both of them, gave a quality assurance. The matchmaker should know that the client in a family does not have sick of AIDS, alcoholics that there will be a healthy offspring, appeasable character that the woman present “ a brood hen “ instead of “ poprygunja “ And the man understands traditions and not the impotent man. Now the boy and the girl are simply assured that if they “ have joined “ it is love. And then six babies find in a dustbin …

Roksana is assured that we need to come back to the sources. It is necessary to think up only as it can be made.

- to return to institute of the matchmaker, it is necessary to study it, - Roksana Babayan has explained.


Actors of the well-known performance across all Russia are dressed in unusually expensive fabrics. Materials from which sewed suits, are used in fashionable houses Versace and Roberto Cavalli. Each dress costs about thousand dollars!