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Krasnoyarsk citizens will remember Lyudmila Pimashkovu sincerely believing and merciful

Krasnoyarsk citizens grieve today over death of the spouse of the mayor of Lyudmila Pimashkovoj. She has died at two o`clock in the morning in Krasnoyarsk hospital.

Alexey Kleshko, the deputy of Legislative Assembly of edge:

- Lyudmila Ivanovna has passed very serious test. The wife of the mayor of a big city to be uneasy. And, the mayor who so is a lot of and long works. And thus she did not try to influence its decisions. Very often wives of heads during any moment start to consider, what exactly they heads. At Lyudmila Ivanovny never such was - it was always very correct, delicate. Tried to be house, reliable back for the husband, instead of its guide. He/she is very light person. When it became the chairman of the council of our cathedral church, it was visible that this person absolutely sincerely believing, orthodox. Lyudmila Ivanovna has much made for mercy and philanthropy revival. And, of course, with special thrill she was engaged in a subject of the childhood, motherhood, health protection of children and women. It did the work with deep orthodox feeling: not the person who should all specify as to live, and the person who is worried sincerely about these problems

by Alexey Kleshko: Lyudmila Ivanovna was reliable back for the husband, instead of its guide