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Belief of Oskina: « Lyudmila Pimashkova all life lived the children and helped strangers »

Today Krasnoyarsk citizens grieve over demise of the spouse of the mayor of Krasnoyarsk to Lyudmila Pimashkovoj. Lyudmilas Ivanovny did not become today at two o`clock in the morning...

Vera Oskina, the adviser of the governor of Krasnoyarsk region, a member of board of trustees of Welfare fund of Lyudmila Pimashkovoj:

- Lyudmila Ivanovna was the unusual person. It was not simply the first lady of a city, but also the excellent wife and mum. At it perfect children, both candidates of science - Valentina and Andrey. It supervised 12 years and worked in a public dining room. At that time there were many homeless children who should be caught simply at railway station and to feed. Now this dining room has turned to the charitable centre: Here psychologists work, for children there is an educational class with toys, with difficult teenagers students are engaged - the future teachers, here hairdressers can make a hairstyle free of charge. Lyudmila Ivanovny had remarkable musical abilities - she played a violin. The talent was passed it from the father (he too played a violin). She all life lived the children, and then another`s children. Last years five it helped detdomovtsam. We together went in Divnogorsky, Emeljanovsky, Kazachinsky children`s homes, visited some Krasnoyarsk children`s homes. Brought to children clothes, boots, shoes, simply gave to children gifts for New year. It was the unusual person, the friend, is very thin felt mood of people. If learns that to its friends or native will badly, necessarily make so that, to take away, distract them from problems, could listen simply to the person, sit with it sincerely, coffee to drink. From all photos the woman who always is to admire looks at us beautiful statnaja. Through any time it will not suffice more and more, for me it is irreplaceable loss

Vera Oskina: Lyudmila Pimashkova all life lived the children and helped strangers