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In Saratov acted yogas from Show of records of Vladimir Turchinsky

has visited on shocking show the Saratov night club.

Recently in the entertaining centre Dzhumanzhdi has passed extravagant show. That evening the unique tricks of spectators Albert Fattahov from " entertained ufimets; Show of records of Vladimir Turchinsky . Albert Fattahov shocked not only all weak half of spectators, but also many men. To begin with it very quietly took, and has through pierced to itself a hand a sword. And then Fattahov has begun to swallow of the metal weapon!  

- About my God! - any especially impressionable girl has screwed up for horror of an eye.

And yogas in the meantime began to hammer to itself into a nose in nails - and thus though henna! Many spectators were in shock and which - who from them could not look at this superextravagant show at all and turned away.

I have rescued the sister from a cancer!

- Albert how you have come to life such? - we have taken an interest at yoga - ekstremala.

In Saratov acted yogas from Show of records of Vladimir Turchinsky . Look the PHOTO GALLERY
the Photo: Evgenie GUSEV

- And has begun still in the childhood. I then was engaged in boxing, and in 10 class have fought and have broken a hand. Boxing to me have forbidden, and I was fond of oriental combat sports. And then at us in Ufa there lived the Chinese who has helped me to master school of the Tibetan friars. And then it has found money and has taken away me to Beijing, - he has shared. - There we were trained the whole year shaolinsky by the master in 36 generation. And my secret method of training - it is at jogov, at tibettsev, and at shaolinskih friars, that is at those who is engaged in oriental combat sports. With its help all internal trains, and the organism really rejuvenates! I pierce a hand, and anything! And this force I can develop indefinitely! Now I develop mental force, there is a development and knowledge itself. And the more I am engaged, the appears ekstrasensornye abilities more strongly, and here there is no limit!

- And native as concern all to it?

- it is normal! And friends even pushed about ten years ago on it supposedly you so much years are engaged! And when has shown them gymnastics a chi kung they look: We such never saw! Give make show! I at first have refused: What I, a leah the clown that? and later on the Drinking bout has shown the ability, then began to act on clubs. And the more I show, the more than different variants! But the most important is a knowledge itself, and that I by means of it can treat people! By the way, my sister is literally two months ago was ill with a cancer. Has come running and cries: What to do? so I for six days have cured it! Truth it was an initial stage of a cancer... And also the wife of the friend has cured. When mother is ill, or friends ask - I treat. But on a stream I do not want to put it. By the way, in a year I plan to achieve that to me even it will not be necessary to be adjusted. And a hand to pierce - me as in ladoshi to slap! It is interesting to me in respect of that there is no limit to human possibilities!

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