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In Omsk has passed a memorial of a name of the merited trainer of the USSR of Galina Gorenkovoj

In Omsk   have passed the international competitions on rhythmic gymnastics of a name of the merited trainer of the USSR of Galina Gorenkovoj.

the Status international has given them structure of visitors: to try the forces there have arrived sportswomen from Kazakhstan, Kirghizia, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Estonia, Slovenia and, certainly, Russia.

All   in tournament participated more than 150 sportswomen. Victory gave   chances to receive a rank   “ candidates for the master of sports “ and “ masters of sports “.

it is not surprising that two first a place in complex offset -   have won ours zemljachki the Third there were gymnasts from   the Irkutsk region.

In   personal superiority equal was not omichke Xenias Dudkinoj. Margarita Kamynina has won “ gold “ in exercise with maces,   and as two “ Bronze “ in exercise with a skipping rope and all-round.

Well a memorial there were star gymnasts:   Evgenie Kanaeva, Margarita Alijchuk and Irina Chashchina.

Competitions on art كوٌٍـّْويe in Omsk