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Fur-tree on water

We continue to tell about New Year`s representations which it is possible to look on capital platforms.
New Year`s adventures of toys the Cinderella and a disco...
Here the diversified program. Children can participate more than in twenty game corners! Both entertainments are calculated on kids, and on teenagers.
In a small hall of visitors wait New Year`s adventures of toys . From girl Masha toys have left, and it is necessary to children   to find and gain them from a captivity of Woman Jagi.
In a concert hall will play Adventures in New Year`s wood . Characters - Father Frost, the Snow Maiden, a lonely fur-tree and fantastic villains of all colours. (Races - schitana the program on age 6 - 10 years.)
In an auditorium will pass performance the Cinderella . The old fairy tale will appear in new perusal. (It is calculated on children 11 - 13 years.)
For senior pupils will pass entertaining show - the program with participation of stars of a platform and a disco.
the Moscow city Palace of children`s (youthful) creativity, the m. item Vorobevy mounts University street Kosygina, 17.
From December, 26th till January, 7th.
Sessions for children younger and middle age: 26 - on December, 30th, 3 - on January, 6th in 11. 00 and in 15. 00; on January, 2nd - in 15. 00 (except December, 31st and on January, 1st).

For senior pupils: from January, 2 till January, 7th in 18. 30.
the Price of tickets: 200 rbl. (the gift is included in cost).
Tickets here: (499 939 - 84 - 70.
the Snow queen
Once the Snow queen has taken away Kaja in the possession and has transformed its kind heart in ldinku. Gerd   it is necessary to pass through set of tests to reach halls of the queen and to release Kaja.
Christ the Saviour Cathedral, the m. item Kropotkinsky
the Hall of church cathedrals.
From December, 25th till January, 11th sessions in 10. 00, 13. 00, 16. 00, 19. 00.
the Price of tickets: from 900 rbl.
the Fur-tree on water
It is the most original fur-tree in Moscow: representation passes on water! Gulliver goes on a visit to Father Frost, and malicious forces try to prevent. All visitors participate in representation. Them will divide on two commands, and they will advise to the heroes how to cope with tasks. In the end of representation on water will lower a New Year`s fur-tree. Professional actors, and also young sportsmen take part in performance from sections vodnosportivnogo a complex.
Vodnosportivnyj a complex, the m. item Leninsky prospect street Fotievoj, d. 16.
5, 6, on January, 7th sessions in 11. 00.
the ticket Price: 130 rbl. (with a gift).
Tickets here: (495 939 - 84 - 70.
And also...
Here will show New Year`s representation on to the Fairy tale on tsar Saltane .
A.S.Pushkin`s Museum, the m. item Kropotkinsky street Prechistenka, 12/ 2.
From December, 22 till December, 30th and from January, 4 till January, 8th.
the Price of tickets: 650 rbl.
to Children will offer weight of interesting games and competitions, and also will show performance on Sasha Cherny`s verses the Mouth on zamochke .
the Moscow drama theatre the Hermitage the m. item Tver street a Carriage number, 3.
From December, 27th till January, 8th.
the Price of tickets: from 590 rbl.
Protagonists of representation - Asteriks and Obeliks. They should find out: where celebrate New year more cheerfully?
the Central House of scientists, the m. item Kropotkinsky street Prechistenka, 16.
From December, 20th till January, 7th.
the Price of tickets: 600 rbl.