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In Vladimir the habitation

becomes cheaper to Foretell that will be with the habitation market, now worse, than to give a weather forecast or a rouble exchange rate. In last cases if you will be mistaken, at least will not beat. And a housing question so sharp what to give forecasts undertakes nobody. So everyone does conclusions of a situation itself. And a situation such: rates of building in Vladimir though and it is not strong, but fall, and together with them the prices for habitation decrease also.

buildings freeze?

In Vladimir for the first time for the last years such - that before new year builders did not prepare victorious official reports about a plan overfulfillment, and tried to extend last days this plan.

To the middle of December in Vladimir from the square metres of habitation planned in 2008 160 thousand it has been put into operation only 100 thousand. In area the situation is not better - 78 percent from planned volumes, that is about a quarter of houses which should be completed this year are handed over, had not time finish. And not the fact that builders will make up for lost time, though for certain, having received last week a scolding at meeting in regional administration, will do the utmost.

In Vladimir from the beginning of year are finished and handed over “ on a turn-key basis “ 16 apartment houses. Thus on the beginning of December lagged behind on terms of input of 8 under construction houses, in November - 9 houses. The part of buildings in Vladimir on a broader scale has almost stood, delivery terms are transferred for some months and even years.

a falling Limit - 10 percent?

- Falling of volumes of input of habitation for today while in 1,2 times, - has told in broadcasting company interview “ าย6 “ Vitaly DAVIDOV, the deputy the chief of a municipal government of architecture and building. Is it is connected with a number of the reasons one of which are the taken raised obligations, on 7 % more than it was planned, and the certain processes occurring for today at financial institutions.

Certain processes are problems with credits. Banks began to select surovee much clients, and to obtain the credit difficult, moreover and percent have grown. Therefore, to finish the begun building, the companies need only - to sell one apartments to the future tenants at a stage of building more cheaply so they will receive though any money.

builders say that will strongly not reduce the price they - a pier, profit of the builder of only 15 percent, and to reduce the prices more than on 10 - 12 percent, it to work to itself at a loss. Really expenses of the builder depend on weight of things, not in the last instance - from terms. If the ground area allocated under building is not mastered within three years the rent for it increases five times. Therefore more often it is favourable to builder to give a discount more if only to find money for end of works.

the Housing question so sharp what to give forecasts undertakes nobody.

One more reason that the habitation has fallen in price - depreciation of building materials. For an autumn they have fallen in price on 5 - 7 %.

“ the Bases “ have fallen in price most strongly

As a result the average price of square metre in a new building in Vladimir only for November has fallen from 45 thousand roubles to 43 thousand. And it is the prices for apartments in houses which are already completed. In the same place, where from the base yet do not send to walls, the prices have fallen to 33 - 38 thousand roubles for square metre.

Any delay with building leads at once to falling of the prices. For example, in desjatietazhke on Sokolov - Sokolenka whom should hand over in the middle of the year, in September of work have stopped, and the prices have fallen at once to 3 thousand roubles for metre. But also term of delivery of the house is transferred for 2010.

to Buy apartment in a new building now it became easy (if there is money). Still couple of years back realtors bought up all on a root, nearly at a stage of a foundation ditch and pereprodavali with the solid surcharge now to invest in real estate hurries nobody - it is not known, when it will pay off also a leah on a broader scale will pay off.

Here these apartments “ in building furnish “ now on the sly enter the market. And the prices for them happen even more low, than at builders - 39 - 40 thousand roubles for metre. However, still the minimum should be enclosed a quarter of this sum in furnish.

Five-storey apartment blocks at the price “ business - a class “

the Old habitation too becomes cheaper, but slowly. For a month “ vtorichka “ has gone down in price on one and a half percent. But all the same the square metre in the panel house at the age of 20 - costs 30 years more 50 thousand roubles. It is the price if not an elite new building, very good “ business - a class “. The reason simple - in panelke at once it is possible to live, and in not completed elite habitation it is not clear when you will drive.

the secondary habitation, by the way, non-uniformly Becomes cheaper. According to the company “ TSentrstrojgrad “ in November of the price have fallen:

In Leninsk area - on 873 roubles for sq. metre;

In October area - on 889 roubles for sq. metre;

In the Frunze area - on 466 roubles for sq. metre.

Under announcements of habitation sale it is visible that most strongly lose in the price old houses - “ five-storey apartment blocks “ and “ brezhnevki “ that as long-term investments is not necessary. Just it is a lot of them in Leninsk and October areas. And in Kind, where basically “ Czeches “ and “ uluchshenki “ the prices have fallen almost imperceptibly. But nevertheless have fallen.

it is probable, the prices will decrease and further. Money at the people from - for crisis becomes less, the mortgage was almost curtailed. Meanwhile the market of secondary habitation gauging almost, but by the spring sellers if nevertheless will want to get rid of apartments, will be urged to reduce the prices.

Will appear social habitation

In 2008 from 310 million allocated in area on social habitation, is mastered only 100 million - less thirds. Local authorities in areas do not want the help from area - then it is necessary to put and the budgetary funds, and they are not present. So prospect to receive habitation at persons included in a waiting list rather foggy - in area now waits for social apartments of more 20 thousand persons, at present rates it for 40 years of expectation.

In Vladimir municipal building building in the street Tihonravova was braked. However, but on it have added money so apartments as a result it will turn out more than 182 instead of 160.