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to Forbid a turn of meat and meat products of manufacture of Ireland

In state laboratory of Ireland forages and samples of pork investigated. Also have found out in them excess of allowed levels dioksinov to 200 times. The forages containing dioksiny, were delivered on farms and economy of Ireland.

the Russian Federation is included into the five of large importers of meat from Ireland. So, in 2007 to the country it is imported 8,8 thousand tons of meat. For the first half of the year 2008 - about 3 thousand tons of meat. The basic deliveries of the Irish meat and meat products were carried out to Moscow and St.-Petersburg. Re-export of meat and meat products of manufacture of Ireland from Bulgaria, Portugal, Belgium, Denmark, Estonia, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Poland, Great Britain, China, Korea, Canada, the USA is possible. With a view of distribution prevention potentially - the hazardous to health person of foodstuff in the food market of Vladimir region the main health officer across Vladimir region Evgenie Lisitsin has decided to forbid a turn of meat and the meat products made in Ireland, until further notice.


Dioxine - is universal cellular poison. Defeat of the person probably at receipt dioksinov in an organism through zheludochnokishechnyj a path. They amaze a pancreas, lungs, imunnuju system. Dioxine hit in an organism calls risk of disease by a cancer and can call a number of other serious problems for health. In particular, the raised frequency of chromosomal mutations and congenital uglinesses from - for specific dioxine actions on the genetic device of sexual cages and embryo cages.