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The court has allowed to step on the stage to the Ekaterinburg actors

Conductors, actors and directors of the Ekaterinburg opera and ballet theatre with ward of new director Andrey Shishchkina have absolutely ceased to create and have become sad. Certainly, the theatre continued to please spectators with new statements, but participated in them them only variags from outside .

the Patience of regular actors has burst after them once again did not take in Figaro . Six workers of theatre have brought an action against the management. Everyone for the travails has demanded on hundred thousand roubles.

- we not grabbers what, - swinging hands the director - director Leonid YAKUSHEV speaks. - and on hundred thousand roubles have requested, that attention in this problem to involve. It is possible to consider a judgement as our victory. For two years while Andrey Shishchkin on fast of the director, to us have not allowed to put any opera, any ballet. But on a theatre scene have passed seven statements of the invited directors. Certainly, they good, professional children, but to us - that too hunting to work!

a scandal piquancy between a management of theatre and actors that tried to accuse them in progulah and idleness. The respondent has declared on court, as directors, both actors, and conductors shirked work.

on the process the judge of October area Ekaterina Green with surprise has learnt that in labour contracts of theatrical workers there is a record on which they I have no right and to communicate with the press on ticklish subjects.

- as such on a broader scale can be! - directly in a court hall Ekaterina Green has exclaimed. - same a nonsense! I will necessarily tell about it to students!

as a result the command of actors, directors and conductors managed to win court. They have proved that they are deprived illegally by the rights to operate theatre and to define repertoire, discussing creative plans for art advice. To the conductor to the Novel Aranbitsky and to directors to Paul Kobliku, Leonid Yakushev and Vladimir Bocharovu the theatre management should pay on ten thousand roubles. And here Evgenie Dobrovolsky`s actress whom within three years did not allow to sing on a scene, will receive twenty thousand roubles of indemnification for idle time of talent and vocal chords.

but actors of more money pleases that the court has insistently asked the minister of culture of Russia Alexander Avdeev to pay attention on theatre problems.