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Jokes of week from leader Alexey Kulichkova

- That such awkward age?
is when in the birthday you sit at a table sad because kolu it would not be desirable any more, and vodka yet do not pour.
* * *
Examination in the agricultural:
- you the director of state farm. And at you again a poor harvest. You will put forward what objective reasons in the justifying?
- Well, bad weather conditions.
- And something freshen up?
- Well, have forgotten to plant.
* * *
Mute skin-diver Vasily has read on lips of a white shark that to it the end.
* * *
- my Children, I die, bring to me a water glass.
- the Father, on January, 1st all die, take yes itself bring!
* * *
One friend asks another:
- Why so women love you?
- Because I clever, kind and beautiful.
- And why you do not marry?
- So, I repeat, because I - clever...
* * *
the Secret of success in life is connected with honesty and decency. If you do not have these qualities - the success is guaranteed...
* * *
the Press - the service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs informs:
- In connection with increase in the sizes of penalties for infringement of traffic regulations the new form is entered into traffic police for employees with an additional pocket for large denominations.
* * *
There is an examination in traffic regulations. The examiner:
- the Crossroads, here you, here the bus, here the truck, here a motorcycle. Who will drive the first?
- the Minibus.
the Examiner:
- Why a minibus?! Whence the minibus there undertook?!
- Yes figs it knows, whence these minibuses undertake...
* * *
- That the New Year tree gives to people?
- Blissful sensation of a free space after it has thrown out!

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