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The company « Kind » has defended the tariff in court

180 roubles for a cable television - quite well-founded figure. So has decided arbitration court of Vladimir region.

All cheese - a pine forest round a cable television Kind (Open Company the Genre ) Has begun after its tariffs in one and a half time have exceeded quotations of the similar companies. In business have become interested in Federal Antimonopoly service. There have considered that 180 roubles the sum overestimated, and in the activity of Open Company the Genre they have seen antimonopoly law infringement. And as a result, Open Company the Genre have appointed to pay the penalty about 500 thousand roubles. But on Good with it have disagreed and have made the complaint in Arbitration court.

Since January, 1st the tariff will not lift. To pay subscribers while will be at the old price.
a photo: Alexander UTKIN

- We have presented to court the sum of the tariff with a full substantiation, - Albert Skvortsov, the director on IT and SMK Open Company " has told; the Genre . - There enter both taxes, and salaries to employees, both payments to TV channels, and repair of the equipment and rent of premises both constructive elements of buildings and set of other positions. The court has agreed with us, having considered that 180 roubles - the sum which is just necessary for normal development of the enterprise.

In Open Company the Genre on a broader scale say that 180 roubles the sum small. And for comparison suggest to count, how much it is possible to buy good sausage on the same money or how much days it is possible to go by the bus on 180 roubles. By the way, since January, 1st the tariff will not lift. To pay subscribers while will be at the old price.

the Court has released the Genre From monthly fee fall, having considered that Management FAS incorrectly considered Open Company the Genre not as telecommunications operator, and as the speaker. Thus FAS documentary has not confirmed and has not proved Open Company leading position the Genre on rendering of a telecommunication service for relaying of TV programs on a cable television network.

- Understand, the speaker makes programs, and the telecommunications operator only broadcasts them, - Albert Skvortsov has explained. - Here the same, as with the newspaper and mail. In the newspaper news are written, and mail only extends the newspaper.

If till December, 28th FAS will not appeal, almost semimillion penalty will burn down and KTV Kind again becomes guilt-free.